By Tweeting, You Could Appear All Over the Web

    November 3, 2009
    Chris Crum

Twitter has introduced a new widget for the Lists feature. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter’s widgets, there is one that lets you display your most recent Twitter updates on a web page, one that lets you display search results in real time, and one that lets you show off your favorite tweets.

The Lists Widget is fully customizable. You start off by selecting the username of the account you want to pull lists from, then choose the list name, title it, and give it a caption.

Twitter Lists Widget

Then you can set your preferences for things like polling for new results, including a scrollbar, if you want it to run on a timed interval or load all tweets, how many tweets you want it to show, and whether or not you want it to show avatars, timestamps, and hashtags.

Twitter Lists Widget

Then you can customize the colors of the shell background, the shell text, the tweet background, the tweet text, and the links. You can also adjust the dimensions of the widget or simply set it to auto width.

Once you are done personalizing the widget, you just grab the code and stick it on your site or blog. Now you’re sharing the lists you think are great with the rest of the world.

The Lists feature in general has been popular among Twitter users. It brings a sense of organization to the service that was simply lacking in the past. You can pretty much set up your Twitter feed as you would an RSS feed reader. It also works as a great discovery tool. You can look at the lists that have been created by people you arleady follow and find other great people to follow (if the lists are public).

The lists feature should be taken as a reason to post quality tweets. The better your tweets, the more likely you are to gain more followers. Now these followers can add you to lists and increase your follower count even more. If you appear on these lists and bloggers and other site owners post those lists via the widget, you are potentially looking at a great deal of added exposure, and maybe even traffic.

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