Former Google Employee: Flying Easier Than Using Sony Google TV Remote


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It’s no secret that Google TV is having a rougher launch then some might have envisioned. (Some users have even said that it's the first Google product that needs the "beta" label but doesn't have it.) Mark Cuban has even blogged about how Google TV could hand Netflix the entire streaming universe.

Have you tried Google TV? If so, what did you think? Let us know.

Just last week it was reported that Hulu, ABC, NBC, and CBS were blocking content from Google TV, which makes absolutely no sense at all in my opinion. Now some users are calling out the peripherals of Google TV devices, more specifically the Sony remote. (If you're unfamiliar with the remote, you can see an image below.)

Sony's Internet TV with Google TV remote

Just yesterday, former Google employee, suspected pilot, and current BuzzFeed President Jon Steinberg tweeted his frustration over Sony’s new TV remote...

I tried Google TV yesterday. Flying a Cessna is easier and has fewer controls than the Sony remoteless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Mr. Steinberg isn't alone with his feelings on the Sony remote; the Boy Genius Report stated the following while doing their hands-on demonstration...

”The size is definitely intriguing as it is way smaller in person than we expected it to be. Also, the feel is right - pretty light without feeling inexpensively cheap. However, the myriad of buttons sort of confuses us, especially when a bunch of them don’t serve a purpose 90% of the time in what we’d imagine would be your daily use.”

Have you used Sony's Internet TV with Google TV remote? If so, what are your thoughts? Tell us what you think.

With any new product there are bumps in the road; it's all about how they respond to the criticism and how much they truly care about the UX of their software and devices.

It’s now being rumored that Apple is vying to acquire Sony, the consumer electronics giant. Apple reportedly has $50 billion in cash reserves, while Sony has a market cap of $34 billion. So, financially speaking, Sony is a strong possibility for Apple. It’s unclear at this time what impact this has for Sony’s new Internet TV with Google TV, since Apple already has a digital multimedia receiver with Apple TV. What are your thoughts on this? Should Apple attempt to acquire Sony? Let us know your thoughts.