Buzz Makes Move to Generate More User Interest

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Twitter recently launched some new features for suggesting users to follow. The more people of interest you have to follow, the more useful you're bound to find the service. The same applies to Google Buzz, which is probably why Google decided to release a similar feature.

A Buzz Post from the Google Buzz Team says:

One of the things we've heard from avid Buzz users is that you're interested in finding more good people to follow. So starting today, the next time you load up the Buzz tab in Gmail, you may see just that: suggestions for new people you might be interested in following.

These suggestions are based on your frequent email/chat contacts, your public connections on other networks, and their activity on Google Buzz. Only people who have public Google profiles will appear as suggestions. If you see a suggestion you like, you can choose to follow them right from there. If you never want to see a suggestion for a particular person again, click "Ignore."

Who to Follow on Buzz

Buzz has been the subject of a great deal of criticism and skepticism since its launch. Once Google announced it was shutting down Google Wave, many began to predict that Google Buzz wouldn't be too far behind. Google hasn't shown any signs thus far that this will be the case. In fact, the company has been making moves (most notably with the Buzz API) to make the service more useful and better ensure it has a future.

How long that future lasts remains to be seen, but I wouldn't expect it to go away anytime soon.

Do you think Buzz will survive? Tell us what you think.

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