Buzz and the Ooomph Factor

    March 27, 2007

The Ooomph Factor is something you know when you see it.  It’s the magic sauce that makes a blog, online community or social network buzz.  It’s also very obvious when the Ooomph Factor is missing. 

We’ve all experienced online meeting points where you can hear the tumbleweed rolling and there’s a sense of being the only tourist in town.  And, contrary to rumour, the Ooomph Factor is entirely measurable.  It’s really not difficult to calculate the number of participants, their level of involvement, subscriber numbers, traffic, linklove etc.  But neither is it a science – so you can’t put the metrics first. 

Over time, you will work out the things that help but there isn’t an Ooomph algorithim.  Which can be very disappointing for some members of the marketing industry who – understandably – like the idea of buying upfront into (supposedly) solid audience profiles and demographics.  However, these days the marketing mix is very spicy and it’s not a case of one dish or the other. 

Traditional media is a valuable tool in creating Ooomph.  And marketing has never been a precise science anyway.  So if your preference is profiling don’t rush to dismiss the Ooomph Factor and if community is your currency, don’t choke when the media plan is wheeled out.  It’s doesn’t matter how you do it – as long as it’s got a bit of Ooomph.