Buy A Sony Vaio Laptop For School, Get A Free PS3 Or Vita


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Microsoft has run a promotion for the past few years that rewarded students who bought a Windows laptop valued at more than $699 with a free Xbox 360. That offer is still underway this year. To combat that offer, Sony is offering up a similar offer to students.

Sony is offering a free PS3 or PS Vita to anybody who buys a Vaio laptop straight from their store. It's similar to the Microsoft offer in that you're going to have to drop a pretty penny to get your hands on one of the freebies. The cheapest Sony Vaio comes in the form of a 13.3 inch T Series Custom Ultrabook that retails for $749.99. You could also buy the 13.1 inch Z Series laptop for $2,999, but that just seems kind of ridiculous.

So, say that you find one of these laptops to strike your fancy. Upon entering the checkout, just enter in FREEPS3 or FREEVITA on the eCoupon entry form. The item will be automatically added to your cart and the offer of free Sony gaming systems will be yours to keep.

It should be noted that the PS3 model on offer is the cheaper 160 GB model, but it should be enough to start you on your PlayStation 3 gaming odyssey. If the Vita is more your speed, the Wi-Fi model is on offer. If both of those options are none to your liking, you can call up a special number to get $200 off PlayStation merchandise including more expensive models of the Vita or the PS3.

Finally, you can get eight percent off your laptop purchase if you find yourself not wanting a free PS3 or Vita. That eight percent off would come in handy if you're looking to buy that massive $2,999 laptop.

It should be pointed out that you can buy a Vaio laptop from any other retailer like Newegg or Best Buy and get a free Xbox 360 out of it. The strength of Microsoft's offer lies in the fact that it can be redeemed at a number of stores across the country. Sony's offer is only available at their online store where you might not be able to get the best deal for your money.