Butterfinger PB Cups To Be Among Super Bowl Commercials


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Nestle, the company that makes Butterfinger candy bars, is releasing a brand new candy product. Butterfinger PB Cups will start hitting stores this year. This is the first time in five years that Nestle has released a new product. The company has chosen a smart way to advertise their new product and announced that a Butterfinger PB Cups ad will be among this year's Super Bowl commercials.

Super Bowl commercials are often funny and sometimes even dirty and Nestle was careful to make sure that their commercial fit the high standards of Super Bowl commercial fans. Butterfinger has released a teaser commercial online, but they are planning to save the full version for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl ads can get over 100 million viewers each year and companies pay millions to get their commercials aired during the Super Bowl. The Butterfinger Cups teaser hints that the commercial may be a little raunchy and will definitely bring some laughs to the game, which according to experts, is exactly what a good Super Bowl commercial should do.


"You need to open up as much awareness (for a new product) and what better way to do that than with a Super Bowl ad," said Jeremy Vandervoet, brand manager of Butterfinger.

The company has been working on the new Butterfinger Cups for over two years and Nestle is hoping that the new cups will compete with Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

The new commercial teaser shows a couple waiting in the lobby of a "food therapist's" office. Other snack pairs are waiting as well, including an elderly fish and chips. The commercials tells viewers, "The relationship between chocolate and peanut butter is about the change."

At the end of the teaser the ad reads, 'The cup is about the get crunchy."

What do you think of the new candy's commercial and how do you think it will rank with other Super Bowl commercials this year?

Image via YouTube and YouTube.