Businesses May Permanently “Pass” On Vista

    November 15, 2007

Not too long after Hotchkis Sport Suspension released sway bars for the Toyota Matrix, the Matrix community discovered that they had a tendency to crack.  Hotchkis was great about replacing the bars, but many owners nonetheless waited to buy from a redesigned second batch.  Now, businesses that aren’t fond of Vista may just hold onto XP until 2010.

2010 – or late 2009 – is when the next version of Windows is supposed to launch, and – assuming that it isn’t delayed – two or so years doesn’t seem like a long time to put off an upgrade.  “A year after Microsoft released Vista to duplicators, 38% of companies claimed they had no plans at this stage to deploy the operating system,” reports Gregg Keizer.  “Another 14% said they just didn’t know.”

From Microsoft’s point of view, that can’t exactly be encouraging – Vista was supposed to be the company’s Grand New Product.  Meanwhile, regardless of how well XP is doing, competitors are probably looking at those statistics as a great opportunity to grab market share.

Still, although Vista’s semi-failure may be embarrassing and somewhat financially hurtful, it’s not likely to overturn the entire OS market; many Matrix owners did, after all, wait for Hotchkis’s second batch of sway bars.