Businesses Far From Ready For Mother’s Day

    February 26, 2008

A reassuring note to our American readers: Mother’s Day isn’t until May 11th.  You didn’t miss it.  A note to our audience in the UK: you guys have got until March 2nd.  Better start moving.  And everyone, everywhere, should start thinking about Mother’s Day SEO.

Robin Goad, Hitwise UK’s Research Director, writes, "[S]earches for the term ‘mothers day’ have been on the rise for a few weeks, and last week were 6% higher than the equivalent week last year."  Also, it seems that top search results for the term are a wee bit embarrassing.

Businesses Far From Ready For Mother's Day    Mothering Sunday

Following Wikipedia, a school for children between the ages of 7 and 11 nabbed the second spot on Google UK; Goad notes that it’s receiving "traffic that any number of retailers would give their right arm for at this time of year."  Indeed, paid ads for balloons, flowers, and perfume pretty much surround the search result.

On, after-Wikipedia honors go to a site owned by the Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India.  In a paragraph of text, apostrophes are dropped and "s"s are lost all over the place.  Furthermore, most of the writing is done in a shade of pink that’s not exactly easy on the eyes.

Amateurs should be able to do better than this; pros have no excuse for not kicking both sites to page 15 or deeper.  If your business can in any way profit from Mother’s Day search results, we’d suggest you set yourself to the task immediately.