Business Week: Web 2.0 is a Reality

    July 17, 2006

The Live Web portends a real sea of change for business.

In the CEO Guide to Technology Business Week advises CEOs to take note of the Live Web.

Describing web services such as MyYahoo, Flickr, Wikipedia, MySpace and others as sites that demand interaction and participation, Many of these applications use content syndication and sharing with RSS feeds.

Business Week suggests that CEOs should be aware of how these applications can be applied, both internally and externally.

Here are some examples:

Ernst and Young are using a blog platform with editable web pages and feeds for collaborative work in teams

Ipsen, the European pharma giant is using blogging software to collect and distribute competitive intellignece

Sun MicroSystems and GM are using external blogs to stay in touch with customers and stakeholders.

The key challenge, says the guide, is for executives to learn about all the new Web 2.0 services.

Here are a few of their tips:

Watch what the kids are doing. Email has been relegated to a distant choice after instant messaging, blogs, feeds and social networking sites.

Read blogs and get a feel for the online conversation

Subscribe to feeds and see how easy it is to organize your news and information

There is no doubt that these new web services are changing how we interact – and it is changing how we do business too.

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