Business Mentors: Sharing Knowledge

    April 7, 2006

Everyone possesses some valuable skills and knowledge in one or more aspects of life. You certainly know many things that are unique from your own life and working experience.

Many other people lack that information, either for building their business or enhancing their career; or for enriching their personal lives.

As a business person, who has vast experience in many areas, you are ideally suited to become a mentor and share your learning with someone else. As a blogger, helping others should be part of your quest.

Combining information shared through blogging, with becoming a mentor to others, is an ideal blend for many people. Whether many bloggers are aware of it or not, they are considered authorities in their blogging specialty area. Blog writers are invited to speak on their topics of interest at conferences, non-profit and community groups, company seminars, and various other events.

Blogging creates experts with ideas and information to share. As a result, blogging also develops mentors as part of the blogging process. When a person begins a brand new blog, existing knowledge is written into the earliest posts. As the blogger continues the blog, new ideas and concepts begin to appear as well, enriching the writer’s already vast pool of knowledge. You learn more about your own topic as you write more posts on the subject. A blogger becomes more of an authority as the blog posts increase in number. Your readers then learn even more in the blog’s subject area from you.

When you have this growing volume of information, it’s a good policy to share it with others. Hoarding knowledge does very little in the way of good for anyone, including the information miser. What were once cutting edge ideas often become less effective as the competition develops new systems and concepts. By failing to share the learning and wisdom, its value will decay over time.

Becoming a mentor, and teaching others what you know, helps that store of knowledge to grow. While that concept might not seem correct upon first glance, it’s really quite logical. As you take the time to mentor other business people, your knowledge will begin a fresh growth process. When asked challenging questions, and faced with real life business situations, the mentor is often forced to rethink previously successful techniques and methods. By necessity, the older concepts will evolve and change to fit the new circumstances. The teacher becomes the student as well.

Not only does becoming a mentor to others help them, it helps the blogging mentor as well. Constantly reassessing cherished beliefs and ideas allows for further personal growth. The mentor will learn at least as much as the student.

As bloggers, we are in a unique position to be considered authorities in our areas of expertise. We also have a responsibility to help others learn new ideas to grow their businesses and careers, or to enhance their personal lives. By becoming a mentor, you can make a difference in someone’s life.

As a mentor, you can help to change the world for someone; and perhaps even for yourself. What could be more rewarding than those wonderful possibilities.

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