Business Blogs Are Catching On

    April 29, 2005

Business blogs are catching on with more and more businesses. Traditional websites are beginning to add a blog component to their content.

The reason for the boom in business blogging is simple.

There are so many benefits to be gained from a business blog, that having one as part of a website, will soon be standard operating procedure.

The search engines like fresh content.

Blogs provide SEO power with every new post added to the blog. For example, if a new post is added daily, the search engine spiders from Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search, will be along to reindex a site just as often.

By being constantly updated and reindexed, a site will usually score higher rankings in the search engines for your most important keywords. As a result, when people search for information on the net, whether for knowledge or for online shopping, the blog will have contributed well to the bottom line.

Score one for a business blog.

Bloggers are free and generous linkers. Blog owners constantly link to posts on other blogs that interest them. Bloggers also link to blog posts that might interest their readers. Bloggers cross link with one another.

The search engines, and in particular the link obsessed Google, credit linked sites very highly. They view many incoming links as a sign of a site’s importance and popularity. The added incoming links, resulting from the business blog, will do their job in getting higher search engine rankings for the site.

Score another one for the business blog.

Because relevance is the new buzzword around search engine circles, a business blog will really be of major assistance in that regard. Since most bloggers write their posts about similar and related topics, and link to bloggers who discuss the same general themes, blogs do very well in the relevance department.

Having relevant and on topic content is part of what the search engines expect from a top ranking website. The business blog provides even more themed content, with very little effort on the part of the blogger.

Looks like another score for the business blog.

Business blogs personalize a website.

Instead of simply offering company information, an online brochure, and shopping cart to check out the purchases, a business blog builds a relationship with current and potential customers and clients.

By activating the blog comments, and openly displaying e-mail and other contact information on the blog, the writer invites feedback. That openly sought response develops a conversation between the business blogger and the reader.

Conversation builds trust and mutual respect. Since people prefer to do business with other people whom they know and trust, the business blog has unlimited long term business development power. Lifetime customers, who also serve as customer evangelists recommending your business to others, are like gold.

They were helped to achieve that status as a direct result of your business blogging efforts.

Score yet another point for business blogs.

These concepts of business blog value are not lost on progressive thinking website owners.

These webmasters see blogs as adding tremendous value to the bottom lines of their online businesses.

Through a combination of high search engine rankings, and returning website visitors to read the latest blog postings, more lifelong customers and brand evangelists are created for the business.

That means way more dollars into the old bank account.

What is really great, is the fact that I only gave you the search engine value and lifetime customer building aspects of the business blog.

I have only given you part of the story.

There are many more reasons for launching a business blog.

The high search engine rankings are only the beginning of the fun resulting from adding a blog component. The lifelong customers are only the end result of the business blog contribution to the company.

Business blogs = dollars for an online business.

That is simply stating a fact!

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