Burger King Sex Case: Restaurant Pays Up

    January 10, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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After her reports of sexual harassment went ignored, a 17-year old Burger King employee decided to file a lawsuit against the company. According to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, Kaizen Restaurants–the company that owns several Burger King franchises–is now having to pay up $150,000 for their inaction.

“What I had to face at work every day was humiliating and wrong,” said the employee. “I just wanted to come to work and do a good job, but I wasn’t allowed to. I’m glad to be able to put this all behind me now.”

The girl says a supervisor followed her around, asked her extremely personal questions about her virginity, and made requests for her to have sex with him and other employees.

“Kaizen has taken the allegations in this lawsuit seriously and has agreed to provide monetary and injunctive relief. It is our hope that this settlement will make Burger King a safer place to work at this particular location, as well as at Kaizen’s other locations,” said Michael Baldonado, an EOEC director.

Burger King has had no comment on the case.

  • Louis

    Companies ONLY understand ONE THING!! MONEY!!! Get in their wallets
    and you WILL get their greedy, uninterupted attention. You would think
    that more companies, would NOT wait for things to go to the point of
    a lawsuit!! Oh, well…………live and learn………..or perhaps
    they did not.

    • http://yahoo Frank

      I dont see how B.K. did anything wrong. The person that said the remarks should be held accountable.

      • Amy

        It does not work that way- she told people within the restaurant about the harassment and nothing was done about it- that is when it becomes Burger King’s fault. They are just as guilty for not looking into the situation and providing a safe work environment for the employee (s). Management should loose their jobs for not complying with something that they know is wrong.

        • bob

          Burger King, any bar, or other workplace has an obligation to provide decent wages and a safe and sane
          environment for their employees. Failure should result in investigation by law enforcement, licensing bodies, and last of all- management. They should all work together to prevent any similar occurences in the future by firing perpetrators, arresting them, trying them in court. If the company was negligent- they should pay damages- as well as the perpetrator- who should also be arrested. If no one complains about such occurences- they will just continue and get more frequent and more severe. What scares business owners more than fines – vocal employees sticking up for their rights- that report, sue, etc. in such cases- or even start Unions to do these things for them, and all other employees.

        • Jo

          I agree with your comments..Management is responsible in the end. A lot of companies have poor managers who tolerate or even participate/instigate in the gross behavior. The employees who see this conduct go unchecked become participants as well, which creates a windfall effect.
          Structured employees become frustrated and quit leaving the rotten core to impose this behavior on the replacement personnel and so it goes.
          loss of productivity, customer complaints,loss of customers,employee moral, etc are all collateral damage of these perps as well.
          There are few companies out there who truely monitor this behavior…it only comes to the fore through lawsuits, then they voice token concern for the victims but blame them behind their backs just as lawyers do. Trust me I have played the game.

      • Mickey Mouse

        I agree the individual should be the first to blame but management who is aware of problems who fails to act is equally to blame.
        I know of a high school custodian who tells sex jokes to the kids all the time, regardless of being warned about it who isn’t fired, because he is buddies with the school board members and high tenured teachers.
        Hopefully someday a student will come forward and they can all reap their just rewards.

  • Cornelis Van den Hout

    This is a typical reaction of a big company that thinks they’re above the law and can get away with anything. I sincerely hope that the manager who caused the sexual harassment was fired and he also needs to be criminally prosecuted.

  • Amy

    not to mention it was a supervisor that harassed the employee- they know better and Burger King has to settle with the complaint filed- first they fire the supervisor and then they offer the employee money- what else are they going to do- give her a free whopper and call it even- of course it’s about money and I am glad she got a good settlement- it’s called- pain and suffering. That is what a sexual harassment law suit boils down to- lost jobs and money.

  • http://yahoo linda

    i work for burger king 20 years ago ,. isay many of times when management sexual harassed teenagers. my manger eventried to hump me from the back, i told him if ever did that again i would take him down.said he was only playing around. tried to laugh it off. then one day i quit. the owner of the company franchies called ma and ask me why itold him everything. he close the resturant for 3 days fired eveyone. but he rehired the ones i told who werent doing anything. some of his people were with for 10 years or more really good people. that is what a good mangerment does.

    • John

      Wish the company I worked for in Billings Mt had upper management that would punish those who conduct themselves that way…instead they promote them and treat them above the others…so many good people left because of them.Worst hostile work environment I have ever witnessed and I worked in the oil fields which is tame in comparison.

  • http://yahoo linda

    p. s i did go back i started my own business which i have now had for 19 years.

  • http://yahoo.com debbieriggs

    I think a lot of girls take things the wrong way sometimes and other people put shit inn there heads. there are a lot of perferts in the world, but there’s also a lot of flirts! a lot of greed! GOD and the person knows! Carma is a Bitch! They only know the truth…whose gonna burn? Time will tell…it might be in the next lifetime…GOODLUCK!

  • http://burgerkingsanalloffastfoods JOE

    these socall managment hire the girls and thank they can say or do any thing to thim because thair age is beteew 15/17 and there onley working to make exter to spent with haveing to ask there perents for ever penny than get. most are after school an wk end and think these pervert think can away with this because these Kids ar in fear there jobs well lost if than speak up about.so IGLAD THAN HAD EVER PENNY.AN ANY THING ELSO THE COURTS. AWARD HER.

  • http://burgerkingsanalloffastfoods JOE

    I have a 17/year daughter who work part time at fast food restarut to make some exter spenting money while She in School so She wont h,ve to ask her perents forever exter penny She wont to spenting on little thing She wont. SO IF ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER HEPPEN TO I HOPE SHE WILL NOT BE SCEARY TO SPEAK UP AND TELL SOME ONE.MY PERSONAL APION THAT SHE DID NOT GET ENOTHER THE COURTS SHOULD HAVE AWARDED HER MORE AN MAYBE IT WOULD HAVE SENT A MASSAGE TO THE OTHER BIG FAST FOOD CHANGE.TO EVER ONE THAT BEN HEARRESS.GOOD LUCK.

  • Garrick

    I almost guarantee she’s just attractive and the guy in question is just a dumbass and it’s his way of flirting. Can’t spell overreacting without ovary. Heh.

  • guy

    this seems to be a reoccurring practice that’s very common for burger king. my daughter was harassed at burger king which i am now trying to find help to proceed with my daughters case if anyone can direct me to someone that can help pls reply. my daughter happens to be gay and was harassed endlessly by 2 female managers. nothing was done. they still work for burger king they were just moved for the 6 time. looked for legal rep.was told by one he didn’t want to b/c he eats at burger king and when referred to another atty. lack of interest. have not heard from them

  • guy

    no man or women straight or gay should have to put up with crap and fear work.a hostile environment isn’t good at the work place a person should just be able to work when they go to work.

  • rick

    So……now, not only does their food suck…..there’s THIS?? Bring back the King!!