Burger King Heavy Into iPod Shorts

    November 4, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The home of the Whopper has become a sponsor for short films on Heavy.com, a move that will likely see other marketers follow for a chance to be seen by video iPods buyers.

The longing adoration marketers and advertisers have for the young male demographic sees them follow the guys from outlet to outlet. Ever desperate for placing a message in front of them, no potential content source goes ad-free for long.

Heavy.com has placed four shorts that work on the new video iPod online. The humorous bits have been sponsored by Burger King, which has its brand on the download page. The creation of the videos has been performed by Heavy users, as MediaPost reported:

To get the videos, Heavy.com sent out masks of the King and the Subservient Chicken to a group of their especially active users who submit content on a fairly regular basis. “They [Burger King] came to us and said: ‘We’ve got these masks, can we do something with your users?'” Heavy.com co-CEO Simon Assaad said: “We just sent about 20 masks out, and people just started turning up at our front door with videos.”

Not only is the marketer the sponsor, but it’s also part of the content. Currently, four user-created shorts have been placed on the Heavy site. The response was so favorable that Assaad told MediaPost they want to do similar types of promotions each month.

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