Burger Chain Considers Online Webisodes

    May 28, 2008

Fast-food company Carl’s Jr. is exploring entering online branded entertainment and has met with digital production companies recently.

Carl’s Jr. says it wants to create edgy comedic webisodes for young males. Brad Haley, executive vice president marketing for Carl’s Jr., said the company is considering moving away from traditional digital advertising, but said the plan was in an experimental stage.

"We’ve been intrigued by some ideas, but at this point we haven’t made commitments to anybody," he told Reuters. He said that CKE Restaurants other burger chain Hardee’s might also try the same approach.

Haley said the new programming could be similar to the Carl’s Jr.’s popular 2005 TV commercial with Paris Hilton washing a car while wearing a bikini, it later became a viral hit online.

"Sometimes it relies on sexuality to be edgy but it doesn’t always," Haley said. "Other types of humor can be edgy."

Haley said he was not considering launching an online network, but a series of webisodes with brand integration. Destination sites have not had much success, including Bud.TV, which performed below expectations.