Bullied Dolphin Takes Shelter in Huntington Beach: Twitter Reacts

    May 1, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Bullied dolphin: Just saying those two words aloud fills me with some sort of bizarre, misplaced sadness. And, no, this isn’t some sort of publicity stunt for a new animated film from Dreamworks.

The next time someone is giving you a hard time about this, that, or the other, take some comfort in knowing that, out there somewhere in those vast oceanic waters, is a sad little dolphin who is experiencing the exact same set of emotions. If this isn’t the beginning to a worldwide best-selling children’s book, then I don’t know what is. I should probably consider purchasing the domain bullieddolphin.org as soon as possible. But, I digress.

A dolphin nicknamed Freddie has been hanging around the Huntington Beach area despite efforts from rescue crews to guide the little guy back into the open sea. Although there is plenty of food for the little guy to survive on, wildlife officials would love nothing more than to get Freddie out of the wetlands and back into the ocean where he belongs.

Unfortunately, human spectators along the shore are scaring the poor little guy from making the trip back into the sea. Authorities from the Department of Fish and Game have used paddle boards to help guide Freddie out of the wetlands, but on-lookers have sent him scrambling back into safer waters. Efforts have also been thwarted by a pod of dolphins that have, on occasion, chased Freddie away from the sea.

“There could be tension among the dolphin pod and dolphins can be very aggressive, even among themselves,” Peter Wallerstein of Marine Animal Rescue explained.

Freddie is one of seven dolphins that swam into the wetlands last week. Six of them have already returned to the sea.

Officials are asking for people to stay away from the area until the situation has been resolved. No sense causing the little guy more grief than he’s already experiencing. Twitter users have been smitten by the story’s cuteness factor. Let us know what you think about bullied dolphins in the comments section.

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  • Dana

    I saw him on Saturday. The stories are like a Fox news game of telephone. Dolphins are smart. He is not confused by the spectators. He is swimming in jagged circles but no one seems to be talking about that. The notion that he is being bullied is not that far off (I hate myself for buying into that). DolphIns have been known to rape other dolphins and even people. His friends didn’t chase him into the harbor; he saw them and turned around. The truth is, no one knows why he’s there and from what I can tell, no one is really trying to figure that out. So the news reporters have just started making things up.

    • Sunny

      Are you mentally retarded ‘Dana’?

      How can a dolphin rape a human being?

      I mean, seriously????

      • Antoinette

        Yep….it’s been documented several times; here is just one.

      • sassymcsass

        Absolutely true. Male dolphins are known to gang rape other dolphins, male and female, and they are not real picky about what species they mate with. There is a news story every year or so about dolphins trying to rape swimmers.

        “The woman taken by the dolphin was 37 year old pilates instructor and professional dancer, Tanya Halerfan of Liverpool, NY . Authorities are still looking for Halerfan.
        Bob Grunderson of the National Coast Guard made a statement to the press stating, “Our search for Miss Halerfan or her remains will continue though we hold no hope of finding either. In past experience with cases of dolphin kidnapping and sexual assault the victims are usually never found.”

        “Researchers studying dolphin behavior have been noticing an alarming trend in recent years. They have discovered rogue packs of adult male dolphins gang raping swimmers in open waters. Human decoys fitted with tracking devices have been dumped in open waters and observed from helicopter.”

        “Scott Randleston of the Dolphin Research Institute of Boca Raton, has been studying dolphin behavior for 17 years, and came up with the decoy program. “In every case the decoy was set upon in a short time by groups of dolphins ranging from 8 to 20 young males. It seems there are gangs of dolphin predators roaming the open waters looking for humans to sexually assault. The dolphins in each case were observed circling the swimmer as one of the group grabbed them with their penis and dragged them under, then the others followed. You see dolphins have a prehensile penis, it is full of powerful muscles and they can wrap it around objects, such as a human wrist, ankle, neck, or waist. One could compare it to a boa constrictor or an elephant trunk….The decoys never resurfaced in any of the studies…. We tracked one of the decoys to an underwater cave where it had been repeatedly raped and torn apart by the dolphins. ”

        “There are at least 14 cases of dolphin rape reported each year in the United States, these usually occur near the shore where victims are able to escape before they can be dragged into a dolphin rape cave. There is no real estimate of how many deaths are the result of dolphin rape each year as many of these occur in open water where there are few eyewitnesses if any.” Um whose the ree ree now?

        • Shiki

          I will never go swimming in the ocean again.

        • vanitas

          Not sure if you’re trolling or an idiot for quoting that “article.”

      • Susan Walker

        Reply to Sunny: Dolphins have been known to be “amorous” towards humans. But to answer your question about Dana, doubtful she is retarded (my apologies using that therminology), but she did indicate she watches Fox (Faux) News. “nuff said.

    • Deebo

      That dolphin is lookin’ for that punk Craig, when I see that dolphin I’m a whip his ass!

    • jody

      animals have reasons for how they behave. i have a cat that was orphaned and deemed not acceptable at a pet store because he was too young. my theory is that his mother rejected him as he has an odd shaped mouth, perhaps unable to latch on properly. in any case perhaps this dolphin has something wrong with him which would cause the others to reject him. just an idea.

  • DJ

    The whole world is now being “bullied” Why should Dolphins be any different?

  • Bud Ricks

    Apparently even dolphins have gangs. Obviously, the pod realized these 7 needed some time out. This “cute” dolphin is the ring leader; is ostracism could well be permanent. Perhaps he needs a fresh start at Marine World.

    • dee instone

      Hi no i don’t think bringing the dolphin should be brought to any sea attraction it has a worse life there dealing with people not being able to be free, i worked at one of those parks and belive me when i say freedom and what nature has planed for them is alot better then what that would do to him ,We as humans think, that things that might work for other humans is not nessary true for the aminal kindom let neture take it’s course i know we want to help because our brain tells us too but really are we Dolphins?No any more then they are human

    • Johanna

      Oceanariums are nothing but torture chambers for dolphins and whales. The often round concrete tanks disrupts their sonar, restricts movements of a creature that normally roams 50 miles in a day. It offers no mental stimulation for the being with a brain larger than ours. They wait around all day for fish to be thrown over the side or are made to do tricks that look cute to us for their dinner. They live in chlorinated pools that hurt their eyes and affects their skin. They often become agitated and depressed. It is a very cruel set up and we need to stop going to these places so that they won’t make money off of these precious beings and will stop hunting them and capturing them. They need to be in the wild and free where they belong.

  • lasgr


  • Lionel Minsin

    Why are twitter users so sad about this, I mean this is not good but why this? Dolphins have suffered and are suffering much worse right now in Japan. Everyone should watch the movie “The Cove” and see how dolphins are really suffering.

  • ron

    Just Dart the dolphin. with swimmers in water so it does not drown, Than move the dolphin. if it turns out the pack dont want it back in their fold then take to sea aquamarine

    • Johanna

      A dolphin cannot be darted or anesthetized because they stop breathing and suffocate. They have to be placed on a respirator. It is because if they were to become unconscious in the water for some reason and started breathing automatically like we do they would take water into their lungs and drown.

      • Wynne

        Johanna, cetaceans (whales, dolphins & porpoises) do not autonomically (not automatically) breathe “like we do.” Half of their brain is always conscious because they have to surface to breathe. They will not “drown”; they will suffocate if they are held underwater because they absolutely will not open their blowholes while under the surface.

        Also, dolphins are darted and tagged and biopsied all the time but not for tranquilizing purposes.

        Finally, I’d really love to see a “respirator” for a dolphin (or any cetacean, for that matter).

  • smitty

    Dolphins have been known to rape and murder. What if this ‘bullied’ dolphin is actually a rapist, and that’s why it is being ostracized from its pod? I’m just saying that maybe we should save our sympathy until all the information is in…

  • Jeff Peak

    Call Kim Kardashian,and she’ll fiind a way for the dolphin to have his own mini-series, then who knows from there – surrogate mother to Khloe and Lamars baby ? could happen with that crowd anything is possible.

  • big bill

    I kinda want to punch him too, with that big stupid grin on his face and all.

    • Pascaline

      Oh my god, YES. You sir, are full of so much win.

    • jody


  • hal1200

    i don’t know. instead of compassion or sympathy, this whole article just makes me feel insane.

  • hal1200

    this whole thing makes me insane.

  • hal1200

    maybe lady ga ga will step in and lend a hand with cyber technology.

  • Rob S.

    To the people preventing the poor dolphin from returning to the Sea, you all obviously have no soul and are nothing but a waste of air and a pile of human garbage!!!!So cut the crap and leave the dolphin alone!!!!!

  • Kevin S.Butler

    It’s a disgrace and a tradgety that this poor little guy is being abused and taunted by the humans on the shores of the wetlands..and he is being rejected by a pod of his own specices. I hope and pray that poor “Freddie”will be left alone by those damn,stupid and obnoxious jerks on the shores and that he will return to the seas..either alone..or..with a pod of other dolphins..or maybe..with a female dolphin..who will accept him.

  • Don

    Unfortually the dolphin has to take a time-out just like the other commemtor mentioned,he didnt follow the dolphin rules, in a little bit of time he/she can join the gang. (pod)if he wants to.

  • Lisa

    I love those who talk shit. Pretty sure a dolphin is a living creature. Just because it isn’t gay, overweight or of a different color, it doesn’t deserve sympathy and should hide out like a bullied kid in the bathroom? Hm. I thought we were trying to end this, not take it to another species.

    Also, yes, animals sure do bully eachother. I have a cat that lives in my room, because the second he walks out the others jump on him. Not just growling back and forth, but actually getting into rolling fights.. The kind where you have to spray water at them or they will just kill eachother. It’s not human nature, it’s just nature. Doesn’t make it okay.

  • Cliff

    I guess in the seas it’s no different than it is for us humans, there is bullying too, I love dolphins, I kinda feel sorry for the little lost fella, hope it eventually works out for him and he gets back to his “home”.

  • http://Yahoo!com Richard

    WOW… the Animal Kingdom, especially more intelligent members, like the dolphins, apes, killer whales, and monkees, to name a few, are mimicking human behaviors… like bullying, rape, and the such. What a SAD, SAD STATE of affairs. Animals no longer reacting on pure instinctual basis…protection of young, self-defense, food, and sovereign territory as causes for aggression, or killing. Maybe it is truly time for GOD to start over. And you LIBERALS, your NOT helping it with your “DON’T WORRY.. BE HAPPY!” but “DO IT OUR WAY BE-HAPPY ATTITUDES.”

    • Candace

      Animals don’t mimic human behavior. They are much more intelligent than most people give them credit for, and act on a will all their own, and by no means act out of mimicry. Most species in the animal kingdom murder, rape, and steal for their own gain, and have been doing that since… Well, forever. That’s nature. It’s not okay by any means, but it is natural.

  • sonya

    dolpins are one of the few animals along with humans enjoy sex for the sex itself other animals only have sex to produce offspring. this bulling and forced sex is not a new concept for any animal. Even in say cows what we as humans would call a forced intercourse even with same sex animal is a way of show who is on top (pun intended) saw this all the time on the farm. The higher the intelligents the more personally good or bad.

  • Andy

    Go little dolphin go! You can do it Freddie!!

  • ClevelandCat

    When rogue groups of young elephants were destroying villages and trees scientists decided to import huge adult male elephants to teach them some manners and it worked. So the question is where are the adult male dolphins?

    • deziann

      Maybe the alpha male dolphins are the ones keeping “Freddie” out of their neighborhood. I also fear “Freddie” would not accept his slave name.

  • http://haikupoemu.org haiku

    Poor baby this dolphin looks like its helpless i wish i could save FREDIE(dolphins name you idiots!!)

  • Eve

    sadly people do not understand that this behavior is not usual. Dolphins are not usually aggressive. This dolphin may have lost a mother or been from another pod and got separated. Integrating into a new pod is not always easy. People need to let this dolphin find its way. Let the rescuers do their job. As for the comments about the dolphin on the negative… have a little compassion, these are not dumb creatures but very smart and can interact with humans with love. Sadly, humans are not always so loving… just look here.