Building Links Like an Expert

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Since the start of the Internet, people have asked themselves, how do I increase my views?  One guaranteed way to approach this question is to try to boost inbound links.  The more ways that people can be directed to your site, the more eyeballs you will have on your page.

WebProNews wanted to help our readers and viewers and offer some link building tips for those looking to gain traffic.  We talked with Eric Ward, holistic link developer and publicity strategist, from EricWard.com about what to do when approaching the topic.

Ward recommended planning out your goals and the links you want. Then you can plan out your blueprint accordingly.

We also talked with Brandon Hopkins, Blogger of Brandon-Hopkins.com.  Hopkins gave us several tips to abide by when link building. Some of these tips include:

  1. Write an authority article.
  2. Interview the experts in your field.
  3. Start something crazy, like Blogtipping.
  4. Spell check everything, twice.
  5. Design an award worthy blog or Website.

Of course there are many things that you shouldn’t do as well. For example, Ward said to never start an email off with I apologize if you are not the correct person to handle this inquiry. Please forward it to the proper person.

But above all, according to Ward, you have to have good content. He said if you spend all of your time trying to become number one on Google, all of it wouldn’t matter if you don’t have great content.

So whether your site is old or new, link building is key to generate traffic.  Just be careful how you acquire the links, most of the search engines frown upon paid linking.  There is no smile or a high five for those who are artificially trying to gain rank. For more tips and details of how to link build, you can watch the video above right here on WebProNews.

Building Links Like an Expert
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  • http://fiercestreetnetworks.com Martin Espericueta

    I’ll quote the comment I do not agree with:

    “…most of the search engines frown upon paid linking. There is no smile or a high five for those who are artificially trying to gain rank…”

    Yes, SE’s frown upon paid linking. I don’t disagree with that. What I disagree with is the blanket statement of selling text links for artificial rank gains.

    Yes, some do (many, many do) sell/buy to gain PR and SERPs, but (a BIG BUT) – marketing has been around long before Google became a (lower-case) god of webmasters. And selling advertisements / marketing towards your niche should NOT be frowned upon.


  • http://www.arabian-affiliate.com jossef salman


    While great successful guys like Erik Ward
    Are saying the same about link building, I think they have been out of this area for long time.
    Today no webmaster is welling to link back to you if you do not at least a PR4. And to reach there you need links.
    No matter how you write e-mails this guys had maid their mined what is it for them. What will they earn for swapping a link with you?
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