Build Your Social Media Site With Open Source Scripts

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Occationally I talk to progressive companies that have taken the leap into social media and have implemented full social communities with lots of features that enable users to interact on the site, but when I look at their site I discover a propriatry custom scripted website.

In most cases this is a GIANT Mistake.

I simply don’t undersatnd why you wouldn’t build “on top” of an already exisitng open source content management platform.  It’s much faster to develope, and more importantly much easier to upgrade and keep up to date.  Things change online everyday, if you have a custom solution you’re spending tons of money to have developers keep it updated and add new features.  Also, if you want to change developers, you’re screwed – it’s going to be slow and expensive for them to learn your system and then code for it.

Why not harness the power of thousands and in some hase tens and hunreds of thousands of devleopers contstanlty improving and updating possiblities by buildling on an open source content managmenet system and then custmizing it from there.  It’s much faster to deploy, is more stables, has more features, and cost 1/10 as much.  That’s what we provide.  I got a lot of questions about our backend with many of the old school tech people expecting me to say we use properity scripts, – we don’t .  We custimize and modify on top of open source scripts and bundle everything with strategy and promotion which results in faster develpment and better sites.


Build Your Social Media Site With Open Source Scripts
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  • http://www.epiware.com BoB Masterson

    I have to agree,the amount and quality of open source social programs that are evolving today is incredible. Tough to imagine what it will be like in 10 years.

  • http://www.fatmanunleashed.com/why-john-chow-is-bad-for-blogging israel

    I agree with you, I used a pre existing platform for a social site I created. it works perfectly.

  • http://www.demonzmedia.com Guest

    OR instead of spending forever modifying a CMS system that was not designed for it you could simply download and open source community builder designed for the purpose. There is more than one – I will leave you to your own devices to find them ;)

  • http://www.efven.com Notter


  • http://denimfashionista.se Modeforkillar

    The comapny that doesn

  • Guest

    Thats a good idea but what about some open source social media resources?
    btw what are you looking at in the distance in your pic? I have a few things in mind.. Flow tighter than a D in the butt

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