Build A Site That Sells Effectively

    June 26, 2003

I won’t overwhelm you by the amount of text that you’ve already digested in various “How-To” articles and eBooks on this subject. But, since ‘Building A Site That Sells Effectively’ is part of the Monster Puzzle series, I’ll give you a useful checklist of Do’s and Don’ts here:

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First, the do’s for building a site that sells effectively.

* Do build your business on a specific theme

* Do make navigation clear

* Do have a simple but attractive logo

* Do have a unique punchy tagline

* Do KISS (Keep Your Site Simple)

* Do write clearly with compelling sales copy

* Do keep open your lines of communication and always ask for feedback

* Do produce your content relevant to your site’s main theme

* Do answer your emails promptly in a helpful and professional manner

* Do publish a free newsletter and ask for subscription

* Do have a pop-up window to increase your newsletter subscription

* Do put your newsletter subscription form on every page of your site

* Do make your visitor feel home by asking her “How can I help you?”

* Do offer freebies on your site with your link and marketing message

* Do make a powerful and benefit oriented headline on your home page to grab your visitor’s attention

* Do have original and verifiable testimonials posted on your site

* Do use different soft colors but restrict them to four or five max.

* Do provide your contact address and phone number if possible

* Do have a ‘Recommend this site to your friends’ pop-up or page

* Do make sure your links are all intact and working

* Do make your links underlined so that visitors may know it’s a link

* Do put your privacy statement on your website

* Do design a separate webpage to answer Why visitor should listen what you say and what benefit the visitor will get

* Do ask visitor to order your product or service

* Do fulfill your claims and promises whenever you make them

* Do alert visitors when adding new content to your site

* Do have a Unique Selling Proposition or USP in business

* Do optimize your site contents for good Search Engine rankings

* Do network with other people online who are starting or building an online business that compliment yours

* Do set goals and measure your success accordingly

* Do set your product price realistically

* Do produce original content related to your specific business field and post it on your website in the form of articles, ezine archives etc.

* Do recommend other people’s product if you feel it’s worth recommending

* Do put your bio with possibly a photograph on your site to make visitor feel they’re dealing with a real person

* Do post ezine archives especially if you publish newsletters or ezines with the content of your own

* Do track your website hits and logfiles

* Do state the purpose and existence of your business other than to make profits

Now, the don’ts:

* Don’t overwhelm your visitors with content on your opening page

* Don’t make it impossible for visitors to contact you

* Don’t make purchasing difficult for your customers

* Don’t say you’re No #1, people will eventually know if you become #1

* Don’t ruin your website’s effectiveness by adding Java, music and un-necessary large graphic files until you have good reasons to use them

* Don’t make impossible for visitors to find out your main product

* Don’t make false or outrageous claims

* Don’t exaggerate or try to become a hype merchant

* Don’t waste time looking for more stuff just to fill your web pages

* Don’t overload your site with too much text or graphics

* Don’t send unsolicited commercial emails (SPAM)

* Don’t stop learning — things are always moving and changing on the Web and you have to keep on top of things

* Don’t sell more than two products from a single website, one is ideal

* Don’t put more than 7 affiliate links on your site if you’re promoting affiliate programs

* Don’t be just a company or a website — be a real live person

The above mentioned Do’s and Don’ts are crucial for building a successful business Web site. Ofcourse, there may be some more, just make sure you incorporate these do’s and don’ts the right way while building your site.

Happy site building! :-)

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