Bugatti Veyron Owned by Simon Cowell Up For Sale


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It's pretty much time for all of us to wake up in a newused Bugatti.

Since Simon Cowell is done with his after only driving it for four years, it seems like a great time to head over to the car auction in Scottsdale, Arizona where the car will be sold.

Barrett-Jackson, the car auctioneer, gives us the specs for Cowell's 2008 Veyron, and we should review them carefully before purchase to make sure that they exceed the standards set by our 2004 Toyota Camry:

Horsepower: 1,000+ at 6,000rpm
Cylinders: 16
Wheel Drive: 4
Transmission: 7-speed automated dual-clutch
Top Speed: 253.81mph

If those specs suit your fancy, Bugatti is also including a full one-year, extended warranty through their new pre-owned vehicle program. The car has been listed as being in "pristine" condition-- Cowell seems to prefer his Rolls Royce over the Bugatti and has only driven the Veyron twice.

Maybe Cowell is getting the baby jitters and is deciding to come into a little diaper money-- he's expecting his first child next month. Either way, while he paid a mere million or so for it, he will definitely take a bit of a loss when he sells it. Ah well, his loss, our gain! Drive on.

Note: If you just don't feel like buying that particular car right now because of you know, stuff, but would like to drive it sometimes, maybe try becoming a Dubai policeperson.

Image via NDN