Buffalo Snow Pictures Are Either Epic Or The Stuff Of Nightmares: YOU Decide


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In Buffalo, New York, there has been so much snow this past week, only pictures can accurately convey the horror.

And even then, it might not be quite enough.

Buffalo residents find themselves trying to dig out of nearly six feet of snow, all of which fell during the past week.

The task of snow removal is a serious matter, possibly even dangerous.

The roofs across areas of Buffalo hardest hit by snowfall have started to collapse under the immense weight of the snow. Pictures of the damage serve as a solemn reminder that the white stuff may look pretty...but get enough of it, and it can cause serious (and expensive) problems.

For now, much of the snow removal process is being left to the professionals as a driving ban has been put in place for safety reasons.

The Buffalo snowstorm is blamed for eight deaths and stranding drivers on the freezing roadways. Terrifyingly, some persons found themselves stranded in their cars as the snow came down. Some were reportedly trapped for as long as 24 hours.

When questioned about stranded drivers, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that it was a matter of “citizen responsibility”.

"If the road is closed, it's closed,” said Cuomo

As if to add insult to ongoing injury, it’s projected that Buffalo will be seeing even more snow in the days ahead.

With little else to do, many Buffalo natives turned to social media to share the horror they’ve been enduring for the past week.

This resulted in some rather interesting tweets:

and almost nightmare-inducing videos:

Although parts of the New York Thruway have been cleared, the majority is expected to remain closed due to the terrible weather to come. With so much frigid weather so soon, it only adds to the expectation's that this year's winter will be particularly terrible.