Buddy Media CEO Dispels Fear with Video on VSD


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Yesterday, we brought you the news that enterprise cloud computing giant, Salesforce.com, intends to acquire Buddy Media. It's great news for Michael Lazerow, chairman and co-founder of Buddy Media who will be on the receiving end of the near $690 million deal.

Now we are hearing from Lazerow in a totally different capacity. In a very recent YouTube video of his own creation the successful media creator addresses his struggle with a lifelong heart condition (VSD) that rendered him lifeless several times, only to be saved by multiple surgeries and advanced medical technology.

Interestingly, Lazerow doesn't speak a word in the video. The entire narrative takes place on his iPad in what appears to be his home office. It's obvious he is overcome with joy over the success of Buddy Media and the overwhelming deal he has just made with Salesforce.com making him a billionaire.

The overarching theme is living without fear and how meeting death head on (literally) allowed him to see no need for fear in the way he lives his life. It's an interesting way to celebrate success, but also a different side of business that we don't often see. Take a look at his video and decide what you think about life's struggles and people's ability to make a difference.