BS Book Spikes Smoking Gun Traffic

    February 3, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Want to drive more traffic to your site? Figure out a way to bust a lying snake of a famous best-selling author right in front of Oprah Winfrey. Okay, I know that’s probably harder than it sounds, but it worked for, whose traffic has been heavier than James Frey’s fat head on Jupiter.

Guess how many reporters the famous dirt digging website has. Three, says CNet, three reporters drove 75 million page views in January after outing Frey as a big fat liar in his best-selling Oprah Book Club featured memoir “A Million Little Pieces.” And thenwell, you probably have heard that story by now.

The number of page views last month reflected a 50% spike in traffic for the same month a year ago. TSG has steadily grown since its founding in 1997 by a Village Voice reporter, his wife, and another freelance reporter. Court TV bought the site in 2001, helping propel the reporters who’ve outed folks like Schwarzenegger and the two Carolina Panther cheerleaders.

Oh, and thanks TSG, for this awesome shot of Glen Campbell. It gives me just the right face to aspire to if I ever get to be the belligerent, drunk old coot I’ve always wanted to be!

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