Bruce Willis Stars in the “Red” Sequel “Red 2”

    July 21, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Bruce Willis made his way to fame after his starring role in the movie series “Die Hard”. “Die Hard” hit the movie screen in 1988 and was instantly an all-time favorite for the viewers.

Willis co-starred, in 2010, with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, in the action-packed movie, “The Expendables”. Then, in 2012, he reunited with his fellow co-stars for the sequel, “Expendables 2”.

Also, in 2010, was the release of the action/comedy film “Red”. Willis plays former black-ops agent Frank Moses, who is living a simple life of retirement, when a troop of black-ops guys descends on his house one night and proceeds to blows it up. Frank quickly realizes he needs to get a few of his old colleagues together to discover his assailants.

Now, coming to theaters this year, is the sequel to “Red”, “Red 2”. Willis is back in “Red 2”, with his all-star cast, including Mary-Louise Parker, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and John Malkovich. Willis returns as Frank Moses and re-assembles his team to track down a “missing portable nuclear device“.

I was a little more confused filming the first RED because it felt like we were trying to do so many things at the same time. There was comedy, action, and romance, but somehow it seemed to work out.
-Bruce Willis

“Red 2” calls for Willis to have several love scenes, who he talked over with his wife before agreeing to. “I get to kiss two women in this film,” he said. “There were times when they were trying to get me to kiss John Malkovich, but I had to draw the line.”

I will say, ‘Look honey, it’s right here in the script. It says, ‘Now Bruce kisses Mary-Louise Parker. Now Bruce kisses Catherine Zeta-Jones.
-Willis, Chicago Sun-Times

There was one love scene that Willis refused to do, and that was a man-on-man kissing scene with Malkovich.

They were trying to get me to kiss John Malkovich in this film because he is in a dress, but I said no because I wasn’t feeling it.

Although they didn’t kiss, Willis says that he still enjoys working with Malkovich.

You never know what’s going to happen around Malkovich. He made me laugh all the time, which is a very good thing on a movie like this.

“Red 2” was released on July 19, and although not yet confirmed, there is talk of another “Red” movie in the future.

  • impeachobama

    I don’t know which the ( F) is worse . Having Ngahs all over my TV in the Commercials with a former Caucasian Woman, or opening up a movie and finding this Ball Headed , ” Never Was ” using a 6 shooter to mow down a hundred guys toting UZIs that can’t seem to even nick his Adze . I thought that kind of Snit went out with Tom Mix and the Black Mariah in East Orange.

  • John

    Red is a fantastic movie of it’s genre! A bit of a fantasy/adventure/shoot’em up spy movie. Old folks humor that works well for the movie, as it was intended. Young folks get to enjoy the fast pace action scenes. A bit of romance rounds this out to be quite the view, and maybe a little something for everyone even though I am sure it is not for everyone (no movie ever is . . ). Suggestion to Mr. Willis and Mr. Malcovich. There are a lot of us who are still old fashioned in our view in life. Kiss all the girls that you’re allowed to kiss on screen. The day you give in to the seeming Hollywood train wreck of morals and start kissing guys, you will no doubt lose a rather large percentage of your fan bases. Don’t do it.