Bruce Jenner Not Undergoing Sex Change

    December 14, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Bruce Jenner is having surgery to remove his Adam’s apple, but it isn’t part of a sex change plan. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians patriarch and estranged husband of Kris Jenner, claims he’s never liked how his Adam’s apple looked.

Jenner has made a couple of visits to his surgeon’s office lately. It seems he initially made appointments to see about a scar on his nose. It never fully healed after having cancer surgery a while back. While at the surgeon’s office he also inquired about removal of the Adam’s apple, saying he has never liked his trachea.

Removal of one’s Adam’s apple is a surgery typically undergone by men anticipating a sex change operation. That apparently isn’t the case with Bruce Jenner, however. Lots of people are questioning Bruce’s motives via Twitter even though he has denied the rumors.

Jenner is also rumored to be a longtime cross-dresser. Former wife Chrystie Crownover claimed he wore her lingerie. It’s said that third wife Kris Jenner was fully aware of his penchant for women’s panties when she married him. Kris hasn’t confirmed that rumor, however.

Bruce Jenner’s surgery hasn’t been scheduled yet, but is expected to take place some time early in 2014. Do you think there’s more to his surgery than the removal of an Adam’s apple for vanity’s sake?

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  • cmor

    why would he care but his Adam’s apple and a scar when his whole face looks a mess?

    • rrff

      Well played.!

    • lori


  • Paula

    Bruce is definitely paving the way for SRS. No one does this otherwise, and it already looks like he has undergone electrolysis. It’s fine by me if he decides to transition, but why not be upfront about t and help others who are facing the decision to transition or not?

    • blueiris

      I suspect he had the actual “reassignment surgery” years ago. I’ve known two men that went from male to female and had the actual surgery first then tweaked things with electrolysis, hormones, and other stuff. Neither one had large Adam’s apples so the didn’t other with that.

  • Yep

    I hate to tell you that most of America has a freaky side. Some worse than others.

    The good side to that is that there is someone for everyone.

    Most likely Bruce has some undisclosed cancer.

    • diana

      what doctor would remove his adam’s apple/without a serios reason… ?! Is probably a”have to”…

  • shannon

    I can’t believe all the crap about Bruce. I remember as a kid sitting on top of his yellow RV in the middle of a race track watching his race car go around the track (late 70’s I think).
    He was, and I assume still is, a good guy. Why all the hatred? Kris was no saint either back in the day.

    • Pinky

      I like Bruce Jenner. I think he is better off without his estranged wife. With all those put downs of momager, not surprising if he is having a sex change. She looks like she has testicles to go with her wide matronly hips.

  • Brianne

    Honestly I have nothing against Bruce Jenner. He was once a great Olympian a gold medal winner and I have respect for that. But he is just starting to look creepy now. In some plastic surgery might look good but in him it hasn’t done him any favors. If anything it has made him look worse, almost unrecognizable from the man he once was.

    • Nicki Rundlett

      Yeah, it’s very tough to transition from Male to Female. I did so several years ago, and you really can’t get from M to F without looking very awkward (some have said weird) during that time. Also, some men make better looking women than others. It’s a very tough position to be in, and I feel bad for Bruce if the transgender rumors are true. It doesn’t detract anything from what he has accomplished in his life- it may just be exposing a very personal internal struggle that he may have to reveal to the world at some point.

  • http://WebProNews Montessahall

    Someone should tell him that his Adam’s apple is the least
    of his problems…How about that botched cosmetic surgery
    job on his entire face!

    • diana

      don’t be mean… he looks like a good guy… his face, who knows why he had all that surgery… doctors are guilty, don’t touch if you cannot fix or improve…

    • mary

      Plastic surgery has not done him any favors.. He look bad and think he might have surgery in the future. I feel sorry for him.

  • http://WebProNews Montessahall

    The guy just looks freaky like a creature from hell.

  • Leslie Farney

    He isn’t going to look good as a woman.

  • http://peoplemagazine Linda W

    He’s watching his wife date younger guys. It makes sense that he’s trying ways to make himself look younger. His face looks like he’s had his skin pulled back , maybe to tighten it. That would take away wrinkles. Personally I think in his eye he’s bettering himself, He won’t have problems with getting women when he’s ready.

  • Nikki H

    I suspect that Bruce Jenner is planning on having Gender Reassignment Surgery. He facial surgeries already appear to have feminized his face. He looks like he’s had electrolysis and now a tracheal shave.
    This doesn’t make him a bad person. I support his decision to do whatever he wants to do to allow him to feel happy and at peace with himself.
    Many Trans women have a history of living a very macho life to try to hide their feminine side. After years of living a lie, they finally decide to live how they feel comfortable and authentic. I wish him the best. He’s fortunate that he has the money to do whatever he wants to do.
    Cross gender dressing is a lot more common than people realize. For some, it’s a sexual fetish. For others, it’s a way to express themselves. Some of the most macho men like to wear silk stockings and women’s panties. J. Edgar Hoover was a famous crossdresser.

  • Jackie O

    Kris Jenner most likely put this BS Out there.

    What SHAME we no longer RESPECT our hero’s.

    Shame on you…. this is a MAN’s Man… not a girly man.

  • hollywoodnc

    I think Bruce should consider not having any more plastic surgeries or even nips and tucks.

    I think he’s trying to look more and more like a woman. Why else is he getting this done? It is rumored he likes to cross dress?!
    It’s got to be a closet gay thing.

  • Michaeld

    Just another overpaid athlete with a lot of money and no brains. Real men have an Adam’s apple. What idiots would pay to hear this man talk?
    Kris will keep him out of bankruptcy if he lives long enough.

  • blueiris

    I suspect he had the actual reassignment surgery years ago. This is just another procedure to tweak things.

  • Kittyc

    Seems he’s all messed up being living with a Kardashian.

  • Linda

    I like Bruce, and if this is what he is doing More Power to Him. No one has spoke about the Christmas Card, look at Bruce, All the women and he is over in the (tube!?) looks like, trying to get out!!! With his long hair and plastic face, well, it just didn’t fit….. and I watched that episode and Kris said several times they would always be FRIENDS!!! and he would always be in the family. I think there is a lot to this story and I agree with people who would like him to come forward and let others, facing this decision, follow him. Hats off to Von Tull.

    • Linda

      I’m sorry I got the name wrong. Hats off to Zoe(Bob) Tur.

  • Toots

    Who cares? It’s his life, let him live it the way he wants to!