Bruce Dern Is Given Special Thanks From Leonardo DiCaprio [Video]


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One of the losses that may have hurt most last night was when Bruce Dern lost to Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio tried to make the best of the situation and clearly felt bad for the veteran actor when acknowledging him first thing in his acceptance speech.

He spent the first part of his speech telling all of the young actors to take a look at Bruce Dern's work for inspiration, and while he did not win, Bruce Dern was given quite a tribute from Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio won the award for Best Actor In A Motion Picture-Musical Or Comedy, and also took the opportunity to mock the format in which the Golden Globes deliver their awards.

He was shocked at the fact that he was able to win for a comedy when he clearly does not make comedies, and neither does Martin Scorsese, who directed the film. He also thanked his "fellow comedians" in a joking way, particularly Bruce Dern, who is also clearly not a comedian.

The Wolf Of Wall Street marked the fifth time that Leo and Scorsese had worked together, and their collaboration was a success again.

DiCaprio gave a heartfelt speech as he accepted the award, and as someone who has plenty of experience working with other legendary actors, and several award nominations himself, he was able to recognize the talent of Bruce Dern, and felt honored to be nominated with him.

Bruce Dern was nominated for his role in Nebraska, and lost to Leonardo DiCaprio for his portrayal of Jordan Belfort, a wall street elite who was convicted of federal fraud crimes. The other nominees were Oscar Isaac for Inside Llewlyn Davis, Christian Bale for American Hustle and Joaquin Phoenix for Her.

Dern has had a long career in film, and while he was playing an aging father in his latest film, he continues to act at the age of 77.

In Nebraska, he plays an aging father who makes the trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son (Will Forte) in order to claim a million-dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize.

He has already gained a lot of attention for his role in the film, and with the Academy Award nominations right around the corner, he is likely to be nominated for another Oscar. He was previously nominated for an Oscar for his role in Coming Home.

Bruce Dern is set for even more award recognition, and even if he does not win any awards for his work in Nebraska, it has already been viewed as an impressive performance, and as Leo mentioned, his work is worth checking out for any young actors out there.

Image via Wikimedia Commons