Brooklyn Decker Gets Nerdy For BMW Ad

By: Alexandria Sardam - February 13, 2014

Brooklyn Decker is a nerd.

Well, not exactly. It turns out Decker is part of a BMW commercial featuring the stunner as a geeky girl-complete with frizzy hair and braces.

The beautiful 26-year-old supermodel and actress flaunted a very hilarious pic on her Instagram two days ago.

“So this commercial for BMW came out today… :) details later…” Decker captioned along with her first nerdy photo she posted.

The comical picture was accompanied by two other pictures featuring Decker’s transformation.

While the second post was captioned “Introducing…high school Brooklyn,” we have a sneaking suspicion the gorgeous model didn’t exactly look like that.

The final picture was perhaps the most entertaining, featuring Decker and her hair and makeup team.

Decker’s fans went nuts over the pictures, leaving comments and liking the photos.

Instagram user alexlin_ commented on the last pic and said, “Ermahgerd.” Another user called the model, “freaking hilarious.”

In the BMW ad, a man reflects back on dumping a young, nerdy Decker and then later regretting it when she becomes a super-successful model.The commercial capitalizes on not missing out on really good things, like Decker and the new BMW.

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