Brooke Shields Doesn’t Spare Andre Agassi on “Today”

    October 4, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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On Wednesday’s episode of the Today Show, Brooke Shields got in a pretty good zing on ex-husband of 14 years, tennis star Andre Agassi. The show was running a segment called “Dealing with Divorce: How to Move On”.

The segment featured Brooke Shields and Willie Geist speaking with celebrity lawyer Laura Wasser, who worked with Kim Kardashian and is the author of “It Doesn’t Have To be That Way: How To Divorce Without Destroying Your Family Or Bankrupting Yourself”, a book about caring for yourself, and especially children during a divorce.

While the trio were speaking about the concept behind the book, Brooke interjected, “I am divorced, and mine was very quick and relatively easy but it’s a very interesting thing because he — quote, unquote — did say to me, ‘Be happy that we don’t have children or I would not have made this easy for you.'”

She added with a laugh, “And therein lies why I’m not there anymore.”


Agassi also opened up about their divorce in and autobiography titled “Open” The book, written in 2009, discussed his failed marriage. During an interview, also with the “Today” show in November of that year, to promote his book, Agassi explained, “I think at that time in my life I couldn’t be married to anyone. I think timing is really important. You need in a marriage, two people who understand themselves … and I certainly didn’t understand myself.”

Double Burn!

Brooke Shields did find “happily ever after” in her 2001 marriage to television writer Chris Henchy and they have two daughters together, Rowan, 10, and Grier, 7.

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  • Ed Holda

    Now if only she could divorce Miley Cyrus!

  • Well

    There is no upside for a man to get married anymore. You’re not appreciated at all and everything is your fault. So guys, just stop getting married. Let women have exactly what they want. They want to do it all and do it their way — so give them what they want. A woman is never happy. Never. Doubt what I am saying? Just read the countless articles and books written by women about unhappy they are. It never stops.

    Divorce has become a sport for women. Marry a guy for a while and then take half his things and he may just end up having to support me for life. Women have made it clear that men are no longer needed in our society. They can do it all and it is all about them. Let’s find out just how right those women are. I will give you a clue on the results though. The prisons are full of people who were raised just by women.

  • http://coolpaul118@yahoo.com Paul Murphy

    Divorce is never easy people who live life under a microscope have a tough time making it work! May be an ego thing but males are usually more attractive after age 35 and it is difficult to remain nappily married to a woman your age? I didn’t cheat but was tempted and that created the fiction in the relationship that made freedom more tempting then it turned out to be! I regret losing the woman I loved so much but she is happy and I have the wife I wanted a woman much smarter who graduated with a high grade point she reads a lot and we have many things in common life has flown by don’t waste it!

    • Bill Withers

      Tool box.

  • You Know

    I didn’t realize that Kim Kardashian was married? Wait, are you calling that totally made up love affair and bogus wedding a marriage? The one that made Kim over $75 million dollars? The one that was done totally for money and fame?

    Let’s look a little closer at the people named here. Kim Kardashian — a woman with literally no talent who garnered her fame by making a sex tape and by dating athletes. Brooke Shields — a woman who garnered her fame by appearing naked when she was a child in the movie the Blue Lagoon and then went after an athlete. Are you noticing a pattern here? No real talent — take off clothes — date a rich guy — divorce a rich guy — complain about guy — get remarried to a schmuck who will put up with the nonsense — get together with other similar women and write a book.

    Both women just use people. They manipulate and use people. Probably the biggest user of people is the lawyer.