Brooke Shields Talks Agassi's Trophy Smashing Fit


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In her soon to be released memoir There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me, actress Brooke Shields writes about her failed marriage to tennis icon Andre Agassi, and alleges he has a jealousy complex.

Shields, 49, goes on the mention an instance in which Agassi, 44, smashed his Wimbledon trophy after the actress made an appearance on the sitcom Friends. Shields played an obsessed fan of Matt LeBlanc's character "Joey," and licked his hand in one scene. Agassi, who was on set in Los Angeles during the time the scene was being filmed, did not take too kindly to it, and took off in his car and drove to Las Vegas, before going into a trophy smashing fury.

“Upon arrival he systematically smashed and destroyed every single trophy he had won, including Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, never mind all the others,” Shields recalled. The actress added that Agassi had mentioned to her that she "made him look like a fool."

Included in the rampage were Agassi's 1992 Wimbledon and 1994 U.S. Open trophies.

Here Shields' "Erica" licks LeBlanc's hand:

Here is Agassi displaying advanced tennis fashion:

Agassi, widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players in history, went on to win six more Grand Slams, including another U.S. Open in 1999, though broke his only Wimbledon trophy he would ever receive.

Shields and Agassi got married in 1997, but were divorced in 1999.

Shields made headlines in 2005, after relating her struggles with postpartum depression to Oprah Winfrey, and how seeing a psychiatrist helped her through her struggle. High-ranking Scientological master Tom Cruise promptly chimed in on The Today Show to school Matt Lauer on the entire history of useless psychiatry, and calls the host "glib."

Never gets old:

Shields, who has two daughters with husband Chris Henchy, was most recently seen on The Michael J. Fox Show, and is the spokesperson for Tupperware's Chain of Confidence SMART Girls initiative, a program that teaches girls to nurture their mental and physical well-being.