Brooke Hogan Breaks Off Engagement

    November 22, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Brooke Hogan has called off her engagement with Dallas Cowboys player Phil Costa. Brooke moved back to LA a few months ago to spend more time with her mom and to work on her music career. Her rep said that Brooke had ended the engagement because she wants to focus more on her music. She is currently working on an album that will be released in the spring.

“Brooke moved back to L.A. a couple of weeks ago to be closer to her mom Linda Hogan and she is currently in the studio working on her album,”the rep said. “She’s halfway through [the album] and expects to release it in the spring.”

Hogan and Costa didn’t date very long before they got engaged. They were on a vacation in Las Vegas when Costa proposed to 25 year old Hogan. Sources close to Hogan say that she thought things were moving too fast for the couple and she decided to cancel the engagement. Hogan seems to be dealing with her decision well and even posted a picture of herself without an engagement ring on Instagram.

Hogan has starred on a reality TV show called “Hogan Knows Best,” along with her mother, father and brother. The family went through some struggles after the show when her brother was in a serious car accident that left his friend paralyzed and her parents decided to get a divorce. Brooke also dabbled in wrestling with her dad but says that music is her true love and passion.

Image from Instagram.

  • Rick

    So happy for you Brooke! You are so wonderful and deserve the absolute best, you hottie!

  • mopar

    “Hottie”? maybe somewhat body wise. Brooke is basically Hulk in a female form. I’m sure Phil Costa doesn’t really care that she called off the engagement. He got to tap it all he wanted. He will now just move on to the next gal. Same with Brooke. She will jut move on to the next guy.

  • Rock

    she probably realized she could get better punani than his.

  • http://www.foxnews.com RUSH HANNNITY

    why they keep using fake LAST NAME HOGAN. HOGAN is TV WRESTLING CARACTER NAME.
    probably brooke is her real name but aint BODEA or something like that.
    why not say he probably already TAP BROOKE a few time and got the milk for free and was telling her wait a few years and probably checking out the other young HOTTI CHICK.
    BROOKE CAN”T SING unless she does a porno VIDEO like HULKAMANIA.
    NOW the FAKE OLD GEEZER FATHE HULKESTER is DEPRESS might commit suicide that her daughter couldn’t even marry a COWBOY NFL.