Brock Lesnar: Why He's A Perfect Plan B


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Let the speculation run amok!

Perhaps the only thing that professional wrestling fans like more than watching matches is discussing rumors and talking smack.

For the past few days, social media and wrestling websites have been abuzz over the speculation that Triple H will announce that his Plan B after Battleground will be none other than Brock Lesnar and not Seth Rollins.

Rumors initially began to circulate after Lesnar defeated The Undertaker. Yes, fans were crushed that the streak came to an end, however we can't deny Lesnar's massive presence in the ring.

There are plenty of reasons why making Lesnar Plan B is a good idea. The Inquisitr provides six very compelling arguments. But, let's start at the very basics. What makes the WWE so great is the tension that the characters create. Bringing in Lesnar as Plan B will ultimately create incredible friction.

Additionally, if Lesnar is Plan B, it could possibly bring Cesaro back into the fold. A Cesaro versus Lesnar match sounds like a tasty battle.

But what about putting John Cena in a place where he totally the underdog. "Cena always works best when the cards are stacked against him. That’s when he’s at his most likable. Plus, he has a tense history with Lesnar in WWE programming, and putting him up against the former UFC Heavyweight Champion would be one heck of a mountain for the original doctor of thuganomics."

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