Broadcom Supplies Bluetooth Functionality in Acer Notebooks

    August 23, 2004

Broadcom today announced it is supplying chips and software that enable Bluetooth wireless functionality in notebook computers from Acer.

Appearing in 13 models targeting both the consumer and enterprise markets, the Broadcom single-chip Bluetooth solutions support the latest Bluetooth standard and feature the industry’s most widely-adopted Bluetooth software (WIDCOMM BTW — Bluetooth for Windows) to deliver assured interoperability and the highest level of functionality.

Broadcom’s Blutonium line of Bluetooth transceivers allows Acer computers to wirelessly connect to Bluetooth devices such as keyboards, mice and other interface devices. The Broadcom solution also enables wireless synchronization with PDAs, handheld computers and mobile phones, enhancing the user experience by eliminating the need for cables. Acer’s adoption of the Blutonium platform highlights the continued growth of Broadcom Bluetooth technology in the PC arena.

“Acer is focused on delivering the highest quality products, incorporating the latest technology for our customers. As such, Bluetooth was a natural addition to our products this year,” said Campbell Kan, Head of Mobile Computing Business Unit of Acer Computers. “We selected Broadcom for its worldwide reputation of outstanding quality, and because of our excellent experience working with Broadcom over the past several years. Our customers can now benefit from Broadcom’s field-proven and fully matured hardware and software solution that integrates very smoothly with the rest of our product offerings.”

The Broadcom Bluetooth solutions appear in 13 notebook computers from Acer, including the Aspire and TravelMate families. These models represent Acer’s biggest commitment to Bluetooth to date, making the wireless personal area network a key part of the Acer user experience.

“Broadcom is currently shipping multiple Bluetooth solutions into the PC market, with chips and BTW software that enable wireless connectivity to PC peripherals, and single-chip solutions for embedded applications,” said Scott Bibaud, Director of Marketing for Broadcom’s Bluetooth products. “With industry leading silicon integration, the highest level of radio performance, and the most complete and robust software available, our technology enables a superior Bluetooth user experience to Acer customers.”

Acer computers with Broadcom Bluetooth technology are now shipping in high volume production.

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