Brits To Googlebomb Islamic Extremists

    April 16, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

Well, if you can’t bomb terrorists directly, Google-bomb them I guess. Reportedly, the British government will be training sympathetic Islamic groups to use SEO in order to drown out extremist voices popping up in the search results.

In a different, saner world, we used to call that “government propaganda,” even if it seems used for a good end in this case. But imagine government officials in the future returning googlebomb volley to citizen googlebombers. You think the SERPs a are warzone now, just wait!

Matt McGee at Search Engine land is happy to note how Fox News’ describes SEO as “arcane strategy.” Yeah, Fox thinks it’s some kind of computer geek voodoo. No wonder Rupert Murdoch is gunning for Google lately. He thinks search is one of the dark arts!