Britney Booze Ban Extends To Hotel Mini Bars

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Britney Spears has a well-documented series of breakdowns and mishaps on her personal resume, so when she landed the job as "The X-Factor" judge, many were expecting her to fail magnificently at it. But in your face, general public, because she's kicking ass, and she's doing it while completely sober.

Most of us remember the whole ordeal she went through when her father gained conservatorship over her finances and general well-being, which extended to the caretaking of her own children, but not everyone knows she's battled alcoholic demons in recent years. That's why she had her reps write up a rider for any traveling associated with the show, to keep her focus solely on the job rather than being distracted by the things she's trying to recover from.

The rider states, among other things, that all hotels offering their services to Spears must abide by a very important rule.

"Very important: We require you to empty the minibars of all alcohol. And no gifts of wine or any other alcoholic beverages, please."

As fans are finding out, she's taking her job as judge very seriously; whereas many thought she'd be the "Paula" of the show and put people through out of sheer pity, she's actually being very honest and a bit harsh in her critiques. Which, as we all know, makes for a wonderful reality show.

Amanda Crum
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