British Teen Goofs: Tells Cops About eBay Money

    July 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Okay first, let’s establish two things as public service announcements: Don’t pay $200 for a PlayStation 2; if you stumble over almost 100 grand, don’t tell anybody about it, especially not the government.

Okay so, maybe the second bit of advice isn’t the safest bit of advice, but it’s what I’d do, in the unlikely event I was ever so lucky.

A British youngster ordered a PlayStation 2 off of eBay for 95 pounds, or around $193 in US currency, a ridiculous price, considering I saw a dozen of them at the local pawn shop for $80 a year and a half ago.

Regardless, it wasn’t exactly a rip-off in this case, considering the yonker received a package with over 65,000 Euros stacked inside, or the equivalent of $90,000.

And the fool told his parents. And those fools told the cops, who are holding the money while eBay and the government investigate.

The 16-year-old can apply for the money’s return after September 22, if the cops don’t find (and they’ll sure look, mind you) a reason to hold it further.

Like I said, not the safest plan I have in mind, considering goons can most certainly track the youngster down and reclaim their money. But, with that kind of money, you can buy a new house and hide out until the coast is clear.

Golden Rule of Found Money: Unless it’s obvious it belongs to a crippled old lady who lost it by some unfortunate twist of fate, it’s your money and nobody needs to know about it until they need to know about it.

But I wouldn’t follow my advice if I were you.