British Foreign Office Focuses On YouTube Channel

    January 15, 2008

I don’t have the slightest idea of how one should treat a queen – all that stuff about bowing, not turning one’s back, and so on.  The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office is following Queen Elizabeth’s lead, however, as it goes about fine-tuning a YouTube channel.British Foreign Office Focuses On YouTube Channel

The Foreign Office’s channel has actually been around for a while – "ukforeignoffice" joined YouTube on September 18th.  Meanwhile, news regarding The Royal Channel spread just in time for the Queen’s Christmas speech.  But Julian Borger makes the order of events clear.

"[I]n the next few months Britain’s diplomats will follow in the steps of Buckingham Palace, devoting cash and staff to making YouTube central to its effort to court a younger audience at home and abroad," he writes.  A spokesman labeled the development a relaunch.

It’s also something of a public relations outreach.  Borger adds, "Some of the effort will be aimed at Arab and Iranian youth in the hope of undoing some of the damage to Britain’s reputation in the Islamic world done by the Iraq war.  But a lot of the material will be aimed at Britons planning holidays . . . after a report last year found record numbers were arrested or hospitalised during drinking binges abroad."

That certainly seems like the sort of stuff one would want to avoid doing while around the Queen, too.