Bristol Palin's Exhausting Week: Stalkers and Drunken Brawls?

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Thank God it’s Friday, indeed. Poor Bristol Palin has reportedly had an exhausting week.

We first reported about Bristol’s run-in with an alleged stalker here a few days ago. According to Anchorage Alaska police, Bristol Palin called them to report that a man was sitting in her driveway and refused to leave.

When police arrived at Bristol’s home, they found one Peter P.W. Ferrero there. The man told police that his name was “Peter Paul”. Bristol recognized that name right away. She told the police that a man by that name had sent her about 1,000 Facebook messages since March.

Police searched the outside of Palin’s home and found a sweatshirt and small amount of marijuana on her balcony. The man said it was his and that he had thrown his sweatshirt onto Palin’s balcony.

“Ferrero said he wanted to have 10 minutes of Palin’s time to explain his issues to her. Ferrero said he has also been following a blog created by Palin in June 2014 and has also sent her messages,” the arresting officer wrote. “Ferrero said he has also called Willow Palin several times and may have left Willow messages at her place of employment.”

Ferrero was arrested.

But now we learn that this incident was allegedly not the first of Bristol’s difficulties. Reportedly, just the night before, she had been involved in what has been characterized as a drunken “brawl”. Anchorage blogger Amanda Coyne reportedly has several eyewitness reports that Bristol was throwing punches in a brawl that involved about 20 people at a birthday party.

According to Coyne’s sources, Bristol was fired up at an ex-boyfriend, but ended up punching the party’s host repeatedly until he pushed her away.

Coyne’s sources say that most of the Palin family got involved in the brawl. Anchorage police so far only report that there was a disturbance and that the Palin family was present at the party.

The highlight of the brawl allegedly occurred when Sarah Palin shouted, “Do you know who I am?!” and someone reportedly responding “This isn’t some damned Hillbilly reality show!”

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