Bristol Palin Talks Duck Dynasty, Says Gays Are Hypocrites

    December 24, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Bristol Palin wants you to leave Phil Robertson alone. No, really. With everyone from the governor of Louisiana to comedy show hosts getting their two cents in on the Phil Robertson-A&E controversy, Sarah Palin’s daughter chimed in on the situation as well in a blog post. The younger Palin lady talked about how gays are “hypocritical” with their criticism of Robertson for the comments he made in a GQ article.

Last Wednesday, some comments the Duck Dynasty family patriarch made regarding homosexuals during an interview with GQ went viral. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men,” Robertson said. A&E announced the indefinite suspension of Robertson hours later after GLAAD and many others expressed their disgust with the comments.

While many folks are upset over Robertson’s comments, he has quite a few supporters, including the Palin family. In a blog post Bristol Palin made on Patheos titled “Leave Phil Robertson Alone!” she takes the LGBT community and their supporters to task for their criticism of Robertson.

“Everyone needs to leave Phil Robertson alone for expressing his beliefs,” Palin said. “I think it’s so hypocritical how the LGBT community expects every single flippen person to agree with their life style. This flies in the face of what makes America great – people can have their own beliefs and own opinions and their own ways of life.”

Palin continues her post by saying the criticism of Robertson is hypocritical. “I hate how the LGBT community says it’s all about ‘love’ and ‘equality.’ However, if you don’t agree with their lifestyle, they spread the most hate. It is so hypocritical it makes my stomach turn. They need to learn how to respect others’ opinions and not just jump to the conclusion that everyone who doesn’t support homosexuality and gay marriage is homophobic.”

Bristol’s comments somewhat mirror her mom’s, who claims that free speech is under attack:

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  • Falcons Suck

    I am straight and a Christian and I am here to tell you that there are many hypocritical Christians and Americans. Many Christians just memorize bible verses and judge others. They do absolutely nothing that Christ tells them to do. If they did, we would not be the country that incarcerates the most people in the world and also makes billions off those very same people. Every day in this nation, we incarcerate and destroy lives for victimless crimes. There are people suffering greatly in our nations prisons and they committed crimes that literally do not have victims. So in essence, we are creating suffering and lots of it. Heck, the Bible Belt is the worst part of the country for this.

    Doubt what I say? Go there are see.

    Forgive. Show mercy. Love. Do not judge. Do not plot wicked schemes. Show compassion. Don’t kill. Christ said all of this and America does very little of it.

    Bristol Palin is a privileged, spoiled brat that is not very intelligent and her only claim to fame is she is cute, has big tits, and is a single mom. If it wasn’t for her mom, we would not even know who she was.

    Leave gay people alone. Their choices are their choices. The funny thing about Christ is that he is right about it all. All of it and every person on this planet will know this before they die. We should make it easier for people to come to Christ and not make them feel alienated. The reality is this as well — many Christians are going to find out that they may not be as “saved” as they think — and before it is all over, they too will need mercy extended to them.

    • DJ

      No body is alienating the gay community or hating on the,m. Falcons SUck you are just the type of people that CHrist refers to when he calls them Luke warm christians. The LGBT need to know that just because someone disapproves of theirlife style does not mean that the person hates them. The LGBT need to be tolerant of other people’s beliefs whether or not it agrees or disagrres with them. I am a christian and I dont hate anyone but will not let anyone subject their beliefs on my own. If people do not speak up about the lifestyle of the LGBT then how owuld they know that they are living a sinful life. We as christians are called to go and share the Gospel. Yes, we tell them, love them , and pray that they recieve it but we do not just sit around and say leave them alone. No one is judging them. There is a difference between judging someone and correcting someone. It is the Most High’s place to Judge, we on the other hand need to correct them so that they can avoid judgement. Remember also, judgement will start with God’s people before the world.

      Falcon’s Suck, be a proactive Christian and not a Luke warm Chrisian. I am not judging you because i am not in a position to Judge but how can people hear the truth if no one shares the truth with them. “How can they hear without a preacher, as the bible says. DOnt just leave the LGBT people alone. Share the truth with them s the Holy Spirit leads you and then leave it to God to Judge.

      • @DJ

        No one is alienating the gay community? Oh, please. Many, many, many people are going away from fundamental protestant Christianity. Don’t you see the numbers???? People are leaving because they ARE BEING ALIENATED and they SEE THE HYPOCRISY of fundamentalism. Even non-gays are leaving the churches!!!! Are you blind?

        It is your place to “correct” someone? Who left you in charge to do so? What makes you so superior that you feel you must “correct” people? You don’t even see the hypocrisy in your own words.

        Like I said, go to your local prison. Look at the suffering. All the horrible suffering for many very very minor things. But of course, you won’t do that. You won’t go and you will just ignore and then go to church on Sunday and think you are some good person. You will just read your bible, quote scriptures, and do nothing.

        Actually forgiving and showing mercy? Nah.

      • ike

        Christians who choose to love sinners rather than judge them are not Lukewarm christians.

  • Charles Levesque

    Well, I suppose if there is anyone on this planet that is an expert on hypocrisy, it’s this ignorant fool and her family. This is the mental giant whose mother preaches abstinence until marriage, but who got pregnant out of wedlock and at an extremely young age. As a gay man, I completely don’t approve of that, and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna burn in hell for it.

    Why does ANY media outlet insist on publishing the ignorant utterances of fools? Most of us prefer not to suffer fools. All it does is continue to dumb us down as a nation. No member of the Palin family deserves the attention.

    • DJ

      There is something called repentance. No sin is unforgiveable. Be it sex before marriage, being gay, adultery or any sexual sin or sin in general. She will not burn in hell if she has repented of her past sins. Yes, she may not be best person to say anything due to her past but again that is her past and if she has repented, she is in a position to correct someone.

      • ike

        I believe there are two types of Christians and it is how they define Repentence that sets them apart.

        One says you have to feel sorry for all your sins and “repent” from them and if you sin again you have to continually feel sorry and ask for forgiveness. They define repentance as turning away from sin and if you have not turned away from your sin, then you are going to hell cause Jesus can’t forgive sins that you do not turn away from. (I don’t know how they condone divorce). This leads to judging and correcting others because they feel that people even christians who remain sinners are going to hell.

        The other Christian believes that Repentance means a change of heart and mind and soul because of the work done by Jesus on the cross. Experiencing undeserved Amazing Grace, Love, and Forgiveness allows us to love and forgive others cause even though we were sinners, God forgave us. God did not forgive us because we turned away from sin. God forgave us through the work of Christ on the Cross. The work was done on the Cross. All we do is thank God and accept the FREE GIFT. In return, we forgive and love others, yes even those who we consider our enemies. We can do so because God forgave us 1st even though we were his enemy. There is no Amazing Grace in the current anti-gay state of evangelical fundamentalism. They lost their 1st love which is Christ on the Cross.

  • B&G

    Wise words from Palin, you can see the hipocracy in the posts against her. maybe Palin should explain what hypcracy means for the uneducated

    • DJ

      thank you B&G. Palin is right in what she said. Her past is her past. She has made mistakes but that does not mean that she has not learned from them. I hope she has. BUt we can’t still be juding her based on her past. If she has repented then she is in a position to speak.

      • Jack

        You have tolerance for her. Funny and hypocritical to say when a white so called Christian moron makes a mistake they should be forgiven. However, when a democrat makes a mistake you never forgive them. Most republicans are white trash bigots.

      • ike

        Bristol, the gay community is not upset that Phil doesn’t accept them. They are rightfully upset whenever a person who calls themselves a Christian say things like Homosexuality is a gateway to Bestiality. This is not biblical and is rooted in Hate.

    • jc

      Before you call somebody uneducated about a particular word, it’s probably a good idea to spell the word correctly. Hypocrisy, not hypcracy.

      Sexuality isn’t a “lifestyle” or a “choice”. The governing document in this country is the Constitution, not the Bible. People tried to use the Bible as their justification for slavery, denying women the right to vote, and segregation. America isn’t a theocracy and was never intended to be one. Lots of luck criminalizing heterosexual or homosexual pre-marital sex, affairs, and divorce.

      America’s military fights courageously to protect freedoms for every American. Makes no sense to deny gay soldiers the same rights as everyone else. Segregationists who made decorated Black soldiers sit in the back of the bus in the ’50s were on the wrong side of history just as the Palins and their apologists are now. America’s much stronger because there’s an MLK Memorial in DC rather than a Bull Connor Memorial.

    • Jack

      Look in the mirror and you can see the definition. Try spell check moron.

  • Colt

    someone should tell her that free speech does not give you the right to trash someone else. Did her mother tell her “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything?” Oh I forgot her mother is sarah Palin.

  • Jack

    Martin Bashir comment was also free speech you bunch of right wing idiots. He got fired so where are you defending him and his first amendment rights. Palin spews ____ out of her mouth so why not put some back in it. Hypocrite liars white trash. Bristol is fat white trash just like ignorant mom.

  • Alex Brown

    Oh please gay groups and the gay community themselves are huge hypocrites.