Bristol Palin Custody Battle Begins Due To Reality Show

    August 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bristol Palin has certainly seen some controversy since her reality series, “Life’s A Tripp”, began airing on Lifetime; before the show even premiered, she had an altercation with a guy in a bar who was not a fan of her mother, and the entire ugly thing was caught on tape. Since then, she’s been blasted in the media for some of the things the show reveals about her lifestyle, including the way she handles her 3-year old son Tripp.

This clip from the show, in which Tripp demands to go swimming after a long day of traveling, shows Bristol and her sister Willow trying to discipline him, which ends in the tot calling his aunt a “fa**ot”. The two girls catch themselves laughing at him before Bristol admits in a one-on-one interview that she’s “doing a terrible job disciplining Tripp”.

Apparently Tripp’s dad, Levi Johnston, saw the whole thing and isn’t taking it lightly. According to TMZ, he’s disgusted by his son’s behavior and says the child isn’t receiving “real” parenting from his mother. To drive his point home, he is filing paperwork to obtain full custody of the boy ASAP.

“I love my son more than anything … and I will do whatever it takes to make sure he is raised the right way,” he said.

  • http://webpronenews.com pat

    Levi abscent in sons life…dead beat dad should go crawl under the rock he crawled out from under…all he wants is to steal money from Tripp and Bristol..she put back money for Tripps college..what has Levi done for Tripp? Kids say things that may be improper..its hard not to laugh sometimes..lighten up Levi..youre just mad because Tripp calls anothet man Daddy…you may be his father…but you certainly have never acted like his Daddy.Bristol deserves full custody and a happy life with Tripp and whoever she decides is worth their love..l dont think you qualify for that!

  • Joe Rowe

    Yes, kids say the darnedest things however, they repeat what they hear. All of that aside, neither mom or the aunt are in control in this situation. They are passive. If you watch Tripps face while the girls are laughing at his verbage you will see very clearly that he is learning another lesson – and not a good one. Kids are sponges. This is one reason that kids shouldn’t be having kids. I don’t think “dad” would probably be a much better example in this situation. I get the distinct feeling that this poor child is being used as a pawn.

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    • Lynn B.

      Levi is suing for custody of the child because of Bristol’s eratic and inappropriate behavior. He has become more mature. And, by the way, I have NO skeletons in my closet – not one.

  • red

    So quick to judge, and I am sure none of the you have a skeleton or two in your closets!!!!! It amazes me that people are so quick to judge Bristol as a dumb, young unwed mother….well news flash what about the young, dumb unwed father Levi,then. Bristol is the one caring for her son…..

    • Lynn B.

      I mistakenly put this comment in the one below.
      Levi is suing for custody of the child because Bristol’s behavior is immature and inappropriate (no, not judging – just observation of her behavior). By the way, I have no skeleton in my closet, not one. At peace with the life I have lived – so best not to excuse her behavior by assuming everyone has something to be ashamed of.

  • linda clark

    This poor girl should have stayed put around her mother who could have at least assured them a somewhat normal life. Tripp wouldn’t be running around repeating words he must have heard from his mother and aunt. The girls need to remember all kids love to repeat what they hear!!!
    Mother and aunt need to go home to Mamma and get their own lives in order first, 15 minutes of fame doesn’t mean you get a real bob out of it girls!!! Go home, grow up and get a real job!!!

    • Randi Young

      Her mother is a lunatic. She’s no more fit to raise him than Bristol.

  • kate kastorff

    If it were a little black kid singing filthy lyrics from a rap tune every body would coo and go “awwww, he’s just expressing himself and demonstrating his cultural contempt for bad white people. Ain’t he cuuuute?”

    • Daisy

      What? Wow that was really racist!

      • Lynn B.

        I don’t know anyone who would think that is cute. This is just a silly remark. It is obvious inappropriate language is being used in front of her child and she is doing a poor job at mothering.

    • MittWitt Hater

      You’re racist. Why are you bringing black people into this? Who cares how this trailor park trash raises her bastard? Her 15 minutes will soon be over, just like her trashy mothers.

  • http://yahoo Smilingator

    Levi wouldn’t know what “real parenting” was! The only thing he
    ever accommplished in his life was to seduce a young girl who
    happened to have a famous mother! He should be put in jail!!!