Bringing SEM In House – 10 Great Resources

    June 21, 2007

Bringing SEO In house is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics across the Industry. With businesses looking to cut down on marketing budgets and wanting to expand on preexisting In House teams it will be difficult for traditional SEM Firms to continually offer the same services (at the same premiums) as they have been in the past. Businesses are looking to strengthen their relationships with their online marketing departments and what better way to do this then removing the 3rd Party SEM firm out of the picture.

There are already some excellent resources available in helping businesses bring SEO in house and I would like to share the ones I have looked into:

What about the other side of the story? Read: The True Cost of an In-House SEO Campaign: Why an SEO Firm Can Increase Your ROI by Scott Buresh from the American Chronicle.