Brightcove And Medialink Online Video Venture

    January 24, 2007

Medialink, a producer and distributor of short form video and audio has announced it will use Brightcove Internet TV to distribute video content to its clients on the Web. The content produced by Medialink will contain source disclosure and contact details for users to learn more about products and services featured in the video clips.

“Just as e-commerce initially catapulted the Internet into mainstream acceptance, the Web 2.0 revolution is being fueled by the unprecedented availability of video content and how audiences consume and share it,” stated Laurence Moskowitz, president and chief executive officer of Medialink.

Brightcove’s publishing and syndication capabilities will improve Medialink’s broadcast and broadband distribution network. Moskowitz believes that using video is one of the best ways to communicate a message.

“Narrative, short-form video that is professionally produced is the currency of today’s media marketplace. Marketers must tap into the demand for video, which is the most compelling medium to display a new automobile, consumer product, scientific breakthrough, or new corporate executive. The applications are literally endless.”

The company believes that their clients will approve of their relationship with Brightcove. “Medialink’s use of the Brightcove Internet TV service will help our clients further embrace both broadcast and broadband television as the twin pillars of their media strategies for video,” stated Larry Thomas, chief operating officer of Medialink.

“Many of our clients who have been firmly rooted in the brief, storytelling tradition of public relations understand that Medialink’s new value proposition enables them to more precisely reach their audiences through a combination of earned placements and marketing buys across all media.”

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