Brian Wilson Fired While Tour Is Ongoing

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The Beach Boys were excited to be together again when they reunited for this year’s Grammy Awards for a 50th anniversary celebration, but that hasn’t stopped controlling member Mike Love from giving Brian Wilson the axe, along with Al Jardine and David Marks. After sharing a stage again for an anniversary tour, Love announced he would be continuing the shows without his bandmates, and would instead play with Bruce Johnson and a backup band, which is rumored to include longtime Beach Boys friend John Stamos.

“The post-50th anniversary configuration will not include Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks. The 50th Reunion Tour was designed to be a set tour with a beginning and an end to mark a special 50-year milestone for the band,” read a statement issued by Love.

The Boys have had their share of spats, drama, and addiction since forming half a century ago, but fans are shocked at the blatant disregard for sheer history and loyalty as founding members are forced out of their own show.

“I’m disappointed and can’t understand why he (Love) doesn’t want to tour with Al, David and me. We are out here having so much fun. After all, we are the real Beach Boys,” Wilson said.

Sadly, the tour with Wilson, Jardine and Marks is still ongoing, meaning that if the hard feelings can’t be overcome, London will be in for a strange set.

Brian Wilson Fired While Tour Is Ongoing
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  • http://Yahoo Regina Rose

    This is what I think. Since Love has fired THE Beach Boys and is going to continue the tour with replacements and call it the Beach Boys tour, I think everyone who was going to their shows should not buy tickets or if they have tickets get a refund and not show up. See how ove would like that. Maybe it would drive home in his thick skull who the REAL Beach Boys are and how beloved they are to their millions of loyal fans.

    • Sunseeker

      See my earlier post (at 1:19PM today). The Beach Boys (as we all remember them) no longer exist – even with Brian in the band.

    • Michael Davis

      I tried to get a refund to my Austin show once I found out that it was Mike Love and friends, and was refused. I claimed false advertising and they still refused. Fortunately I was able to sell the tickets on StubHub.

  • Michael

    Mike Love did the right thing by firing Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks. They are a liability to the Beach Boys and cannot perform up to the professional level that John Stamos and the younger musicians can. I have been to many Beach Boys concerts in the past 10 years and each one was great! When I saw the Beach Boys perform at the Grammy Awards they were terrible and I was embarrased for them. Keep on rocking Mike Love and the Beach Boys as long as you can. Endless Summer isn’t endless afterall.

    • Pat Simms

      The public wants to see the oringal groups not imposters! Although Paul replaced Mark and the rest of the Raiders and has had good results, not all group leaders have Paul’s audience repore! Mike Love is 2nd or 3rd Bannana and that is that! Brian Wilson can just say Hi to the crowd and He’s got ‘em. Like Jan Berry did for some many years and Johnny Cash, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, John Fogerty, just passed Andy Williams. Mike Love has not a 5th of the talent of any one of them. Anyone ever heard of ELVIS? More popular now then when he was with us.

    • Ken

      Either you’re less than ten years old, or you’re trolling here…

      Bet you’ll love that version of the Rolling Stones that will come out in 2050…no original members, but boy, those young kids onstage sure do have ENERGY!


  • Pat Simms

    I don’t know what to say. I knew there were Ego problems in the group, all all groups have them. Ask Paul Revere, Ringo & Paul, Dean of J&D, Credence Clearwater etc. Dean torrance put up with Jan Berry for over 45 Years and yet knew the importance of “The Package” he slugged it out and was very rewarded for it. Maybe Mike Love should talk with his pal Dean and get some advice. Brian Wilson is a National Treasure and should be treated as such. Who did Lennon and Mc Cartney want to see when they visted Calif? Brian Wilson! Work it out Dummy!

    • Harvey

      HEY! Leave Texas alone. His ego is much bigger than that!

  • The Hound

    What we have here is an ego the size of Texas, if the original band mates are healthy and able to tour then they should, know one cares for a 50 year old band of posers playing music we have heard thousands of times. Lame, lame, lame. It’s like the Stones without Keith!!!

  • Geri

    What is the reason for termination in the first place? I’ve been listening to he BB most of my life, they have always been my favorite band. They’ve always been with me thru good times and bad. Hey guys, lets get it together here!!!!!!!Find out the problem and sort thru it or them.We’re grown adults now.Act like it. W/O those guys, there is no Beach Boys.You have a history that you represent.Pull yourselves together and move it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobbie

    The promoters should cancel the tour,Theyr’e not getting what the paid for.

  • Randolph

    Thank you Adonis.So many ,and one sane comment.I would put the All-
    man Bros Band in that conversation,but you made your point.The beach

    Girls I wouldn’t take as a gift.Bad Vibrations.I’m betting you are
    65 or 66.

  • Phil

    People who bought ticket expecting to see the original Beach Boys should be eligible for a ticket refund.

  • Frank DeMarco

    Copyrights aren’t something that is the catalyyst over idealist contingency are they?

  • mike

    BEATLES: Killed by mark chapman!
    MONKEES: Killed by heart attack!
    BEACH BOYS: Killed by mike love!

  • Kathy

    The Beach Boys without Brian Wilson and Al Jardine is like buying a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup and finding out they left out of peanut butter. Brian Wilson IS the Beach Boys regardless of who owns the name.

  • Dave

    This dudes brain is so fried from all the drugs and homosexual activity he did back in the 70′ and 80’s its no wonder he isn’t going to continue to tour!

    • Todd

      Dave – I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound like a bigot, but I just want you to know that “homosexual activity” doesn’t fry your brain.

    • IgnorAnus

      homosexuality fried his brain? what’s your excuse??

    • Ken

      Didn’t actually read the article, huh? HE GOT FIRED FROM THE TOUR…that’s why he won’t be continuing on after the current round of shows is completed.

      (shakes head)

  • chris

    why don’t he just go solo and be done with it?… oh thats right hes nobody without “the beach boys” brand

  • D Talada

    Wow….even David Marks was there at the very beginning of the Beach Boys, on sort-of rotation with Al! But for some unfathomable, sickening reason Mike was awarded the legal use of the name “Beach Boys” (it’s like Sonny Bono appearing as “Sonny and Cher”!) and apparently this leg of the tour with Wilson/Jardine/Marks WAS supposed to come to an end, by previous arrangement.
    He better not put other musicians in Brian and Al’s “spaceman” and “cat” makeup though…that would be insulting.

  • ken hoffman

    mike love is an ego-asshole. i hope no-one attends the shows. come on people just suck it up and stay home and watch t.v. piss on mike hate

  • Bryan Francis

    That is sad news about Brian Wilson him and Mike love never got along anyway i have always been a fan of The Beach since i was a kid but i like the idea of having John Stamos in the band he can sing great with them.

  • Pat

    Mike Love is and always will be an ego driven prick who is so jejealous of Brian wilson that he can’t stand to be on the same stage with him.

  • Ranger Rick

    Who the hell is mike love to say who is a beach boy or not. I suggest that Brian and the others form a band called “The Real Beach Boys” or some variation of that and leave him out. I would see them before I saw a fake johm stamos.

  • http://none steve f

    Mike Love would be nothing without Brain Wilson. He should crawl back under the rock he came from. What an idiot!

  • richard

    Just another example of Mike being the ultimate egomaniac. If you need more proof google his Rock and Roll hall of fame speech.

  • Chris H

    Its not the reunion tour, it’s Love and his Ego on tour. Fans should get their money back if they see him and people who were NOT part of the original band. That is dumb.

    • jaw


  • Harvey

    Mike Love is a complete, egotistical jerk. If I was paying hard money for th Beach Boys, I want to see The Beach Boys, not some second rate hangers on.

  • Kristina Bradwell

    Brian Wilson should organize a new band–everyone will support it, even people like me who haven’t bought any Beach Boys music for years.

  • jaw

    What a crock of BS!! The tickets for this ONCE IN A LIFETIME “REUNION” 50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR OF THE ORIGINAL MEMBERS OF THE BEACH BOYS, are no longer valid in my eyes. Advanced ticket sales, of course, are paid out already. Mike Love has already lined his pockets! They booked larger venues, hiked up ticket costs, advertised and sold tickets as a reunion tour, original member concert, and might not have received those same revenues if advertised the way it REALLY was supposed to be. I think Love planned this in order to receive great reviews for the show and get larger audiences for his NEW Beach Boys band. Almost like the tickets are sold, we aren’t cancelling the show, NO refunds, you are STUCK paying for something you aren’t going to receive. SUCKERS is the word I’m looking for. The fans shouldn’t stand for that! Show up, if Brian Wilson, Al and David aren’t there, leave. You’ll either get a refund or a rescheduled show the way it’s supposed to be!! Mike Love is making a mockery of his fans!! Show him it’s NOT OK. You are better than that!!

  • Kimmie

    Mike Love owes everything to Brian Wilson!If you are a TRUE Beach Boys fan- somehow, someway, M.L. needs to know he has F!!!!! Up!!!

    • jaw

      How dare he call himself a FRIEND. How dare he keep the name, he is now A BEACH BOY . He should try the name MIKE LOVE WITHOUT AN OUNCE OF CLASS, and traitors. This could’ve waited till AFTER this tour as to NOT CHEAT THE BEACH BOYS FANS!! SHAME ON MIKE

  • Chris

    I would refuse to buy a ticket now!!!!!!!!

    • jaw

      Loyalty is awesome

  • chrissi

    I have seen them many times but when I saw them in concert in Indiana, Love was only interested in getting the too young chickie to the back of the stage for play time after the show. It was sickening. He is a creep.

  • bill

    If it wasn’t for Brian Wilson, Mike Love would still be pumping gas.

    • dot


  • Lori B

    ok, wilson has always been a pain in the ass, i dont know about the others, he may have founded the group but we do not know what happened and it is none of our business…he has mental problems, love can do what he wants, it is his band now…brian check yourself into the nut house and quit causing problems…

  • Rick Nelson

    Granted, Brian is crazy, but he still manages to get through his performances. Mike Love is a pompous, ego-maniac who wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for Brian in the first place. Brian: God Only Knows, California Girls, etc., etc. Mike: Kokomo. BAM!

  • dot

    Mike Love is so full of himself…He is not all that great or the God that he thinks he is. We who grew up with the Beach Boys know that without the rest of the REAL band members, Love is nothing. He cannot even sing that great. The real band members need to start up a new band and name it the Original Beach Boys and dismiss Love!

  • http://webpronews Jeanine Barton

    I think anyone who has pre-purchased a ticket for any of the remaining upcoming shows should demand their money back! These people paid to to see the “Beach Boys” Not some sad tail riding ego maniac who thinks he has anything to do with who the Beach Boys are!
    BTW: I never liked any of them! but I can’t stand stupid either!

  • neil-ex

    i saw the Beach Boys this summer at Jones Beach,not the best seats,but I was there. As for the current “row”, Mike Love needs to be “HANGING ON TO YOUR EGO” , don’t we like William Shatner, egomaniac. Don’t forget Love is about 70 and he looks like a grandpa playing with younger players not even have his age. i saw this at one of the free concerts at Coney Island a few years ago.

  • peter

    I agree…Mike is an egotistical idiot….and to LoriB…check out your own comments…I guess your friends don’t mean anything to you either and you must be just like Mike if you agree….The Beach Boys are nothing without Brian and the all the Boys together….Mike…shame on you…you have NO CLASS..NONE!…

  • Cat Ladd

    Good for Mike Love. He was running the Beach Boys while Brian Wilson was destroying his brain with drugs. Wilson and Jardine cannot cut it anymore. Give Love credit for making a tough decision.

  • Lannie

    Mike Love is a jerk. Grew up in the same ‘hood and have never heard anything nice about the guy. He used to think he could levitate. I mean really.

  • Bill D

    Mike, you are tallentless, egotistical Ass who sings off key to boot!

    Saw “the Band” yes with Brian and Al and David and it was amazing. Do you actually think anyone would EVER pay to see justyou Mike, loser!!!

    The big draw on the 50th tour was always Brain and then Al and very last on the totem pole- you.

    What a jerk Mike!!!

    Thanks for ruining what could have been perfect. Not too jealous are you Mike???


  • Bob

    Mike Love…talentless, egotistical. I wouldn’t pay to see his phony version of the “Beach Boys”. Boycott the jerk.

  • Dan Duquesne

    Any musician or anyone with any kind of ear knows Brian’s musical composition talent and beautiful chord structures & movements is and has always been the magic in the Beach Boys’ music,
    – while mike love and a few other writers penned the hoaky & trite surf / car themes & lyrics that always kept the Beach Boys from attaining the respect and stature of Lennon McCartney, despite Brian’s musical genius.

    History will record Brian as our “Mozart” – while everyone else will simply reflect back on what an arrogant asshole mike love was his whole life.

    Frankly, I think Brian’s band (Wondermints and others) that he tours “Smile” with is far superior vocally and instrumentally, and I’d rather see them anyway.

    The chances I’d pony up 10-cents to hear love, Bruce Johnston and some sidemen do a live jukebox of old Beach Boy tunes? ….. Slim and none.

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