Brian Retkin Speaks On Google Suit

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The man behind the lawsuit against Google for defamation said he and his firm would really prefer to put their conflict with Google behind them.

Retkin contacted me from the U.K. to follow up on our earlier observation of his running battle with Google over their links to posts about his registrar firm, Dotworlds.

He called the continued appearance of those criticisms “pure and utter libel,” and believes they were initially posted by business competitors. Retkin said the domain offers in question were “perfectly legitimate.”

At this point, Retkin thinks Google has removed about 15,000 links from its international search engines, like Google.co.uk. On that site, a query for dotworlds scam returns notes at the bottom of Google’s search results, saying the company has removed some links in response to a legal request.

“Google gets mad when it’s used against them,” Retkin said, referring to the notorious incident where CNET published copious information about Google CEO Eric Schmidt that writer Elinor Mills found using the search engine.

On Google’s US search pages , the same query for dotworlds scam returns over 300 results, referring to the postings that have Retkin and his legal advisors at odds with the company.

Brian Retkin Speaks On Google Suit
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  • http://burningbird.net Shelley Powers

    What if the stories said about this registrar are true? I visited their main page, and it immediately tried to post something from my client browser to their server.

    What if what the person wrote at the time in the lists was true? Isn’t the definition of libel that a person knowingly says something false in order to create harm?

    And who is to stop his from going after Google because he doesn’t like what I’m writing in your comments? For all the vaunted protection Google says they give the data, will the company continue to fold anytime some wanker doesn’t like what people say about them.

    Why didn’t the person go after the forums where this info was posted? Because he doesn’t have the legal right to do so? Then why does Google feel it has to pull such?

  • Rob

    This is idiocy, plain and simple. Try doing the same search on Yahoo, MSN, Ask, or any other smaller search engine and guess what you find….. yep, that’s right, the pages Google has ignored.

    Grow up Retkin, and go after the sources, even if you have to get orders against forums or sites, it’s far more likely to clear the web of the “lies”, than going after Google. I notice elsewhere, you claim to have already tried to go after the sources, although you obviously haven’t, as the material dates from 2002 and 2003.

    Google is only one piece of the puzzle, and, believe it or not, is not responsible for every piece of information it indexes, especially as the information is still easily available via every other search engine on the net. Google is only responsible for 54% of the market*, what about the other 46% that can still access that material?

    I look forward to you going after Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc. etc. but somehow, I doubt that’ll ever happen as you’re only interested in extorting money from Google.

    *Source Nielson/Net Ratings.

    • http://www.dotworlds.net dotWORLDS

      We understand that there are many who are rightly concerned about this case. However, what is happening to us is also happening to others and be under no illusion, it could also happen to you.

      Google and other search engines spider links and articles on the Web all day every day and can, in the USA, disseminate the information contained whatever the content, without any liability to themselves (due 1st amendment/freedom of speech laws).

      So what does this mean? This means that tomorrow morning someone with a grudge against you (maybe someone you looked at in a funny way 20 years ago) could tell the world that you are a fraudster, a criminal and a murderer (and that’s just for starters). Within days if not hours, articles containing this “factual information” would start to appear on Search Engines, under your name, probably near the top of the list, lingering on websites like Google for perhaps the next 30 years. Anyone, be it friends, family, potential employers would have instant access to this information simply by “Googling” you. Your life is about to change forever. You have no idea how much.

      Ah, but couldn’t you complain to Google – after all, you are totally innocent of all charges – except maybe for the crime of coming into contact with a complete loony. Absolutely, but Google would do nothing. You would need a court order. Google is not responsible for the content on it’s website and Google is protected by law. No, just go away and search all cyberspace. Take it up with the anonymous author who doesn

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