Brian Hallisay: 3 ways Jennifer Love Hewitt can relax him


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Brian Hallisay has quite a temper. We know this because Jennifer Love Hewitt’s fiancé is under criminal investigation for allegedly assaulting a paparazzo who was trying to take pictures of her last weekend.

Granted that paparazzo can be a real pain in your buttocks when you are trying to spend some quality time with that special someone, and given Hewitt's alluring beauty and pregnancy, things can quickly spiral out of control.

So what can Jennifer Love do to calm down her soon to be husband? Here are three things we can think of which will keep the paprazzo out, Hallisay-Hewitt romance in, and keep the flower of love blooming between the two of them:

1. Cooking Classes:

With all those hormones kicking during pregnancy, Hewitt might be getting the urge to eat delicious meals every single minute. After all, the baby needs all those calories and nutrition. So what better way for Hallisay to make his love bunny happy than to try some sizzling recipes together?

The couple can purchase French, Italian, Japanese or Indian cook books and start putting their culinary talent to test. Or take some private southern cooking classes with a celebrity cook such as Paula Deen to spice things up!

2. Island Yoga Retreat: When paparazzo is hounding you and making you angry and tense, your mind is not at peace. The best thing Hallisay and Hewitt could for themselves and their baby is to join a Yoga Retreat at some far away island for a couple of weeks.

The melodious chants of Sanskrit mantras, the sound and sight of sea waves hitting the shore, the whiff of fresh air, the soulful solitude and exotic poses with your yoga teacher, followed by nature derived drinks and meals. This will calm Hallisay's nerves and allow Hewitt to discover her inner-self and be in tune with mother nature.

And we know how much Jennifer craves babies.

3. Board Games:

Board games can be very exciting especially with that special someone when you had a long day and you don't want to read a book or do anything physically or mentally demanding. Jennifer and Brian could lay around in bed with a bunch of pillows and be lazy while playing their favorite board game, whether its Chess, Chinese checkers, Dungeons & Dragons or Monopoly.

And who knows as the night progresses, Hewitt's mouth watering curves will get all those relaxing and uplifting hormones pumping inside Brian Hallisay? And this is how life should be. More love, more fun and less paparazzo.

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