Brett Favre Goes To High School: Twitter Has Field Day

    July 25, 2012
    Chris Crum
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NFL fans are still adapting to a league without Brett Favre, for better or worse. High School football fans in Mississippi, however, will get a taste of the former Packer (Falcon/Jet/Viking), as he is now filling a role in a program in Hattiesburg.

According to Gannett’s Hattiesburg American (via CNN’s Headline News), Favre is officially a member of the Oak Grove football coaching staff, but his role has yet to be defined. The Lamar, Mississippi Board of Education (the school is part of the Lamar County system) reportedly approved Favre’s hiring.

Twitter is, of course, having a field day (or field week, perhaps) with the story.

Favre will reportedly not receive any financial compensation for his efforts at the school, so things could be more along the lines of when he volunteered for the team last year.

This isn’t the only thing Favre has been doing for kids, by the way.

Here’s the latest tweet from the verified official Brett Favre Twitter account:

There’s also the Favre4Hope Foundation, which focuses on the following child-related funds:

  • Make A Wish Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Minnesota
  • Hope Haven, Mississippi
  • Special Olympics Wisconsin and Mississippi
  • Association for Rights of Mentally Handicapped Citizens, Mississippi
  • Rawhide Boys Home, Wisconsin
  • University of Southern Mississippi, Children’s Center for Communication and Development, Mississippi

Also on the list are: Ribbon of Hope (Wisconsin), Pink Ribbon Fund (Mississippi) and Memorial Hospital Favre Fund (Mississippi).

“In 2010, our foundation board made a difficult decision to focus on supporting our existing charity partners and no longer accept grant applications,” a message on the Favre4Hope site says. “This decision was made after visiting several of our long term partners and hearing about their struggles with the loss of grant funding and low contributions. Most of the charities we chose to support have been with us since the beginning. Their staff and program of work truly represents the spirit of what Brett and I wanted to do when we began our foundation in 1995.”

Lead image credit: @WunderpitMusic (Twitter)


    I think it is great. If he is a good roll model. I don’t know him personally. I hope he isn’t a fowell mouthed player/coach. I am a GB fan, and hate his attitude toward us. However, I would hope he is wiser now. He can help some kids get on the streight and narrow through sports. Any Pro Athlete that would volunteer to coach some kids is ok in my book.

    • cornell

      roll model? how about role model, and fowell mouthed ? maybe foul mouthed, streight ? try straight ! jesus i hope you teach your kids to spell better than you do

      • Steven

        Shouldn’t that be “Jesus, I hope you teach your kids to spell better than you do.” instead of “jesus i hope you teach your kids to spell better than you do”?

        I hate when the spelling and grammar trolls come out and misspell their own responses.


  • tim

    Adapting to life without Favre? You got to be kidding me.
    I was ready for him to be gone years ago.
    Happy for him though that he found something like this to keep him busy.

  • Eric

    Really cornell? What are you a spelling teacher? I believe Blain’s point was made. I dint relize speling conted no tis teest. and by the way cornell you didn’t capitalize your name.

  • Eric

    Silly me, I spelled your name wrong Blaine. I’m sorry my proofreader cornell (that’s cornell with a little c) was out sick today.

  • Mel Stark

    We’ll never forget you, Brent!

  • Ralph

    Good for him. I am glad he is doing it. I wish I could do that.
    Good Luck Mr. Favre and have fun showing those boys something.

  • Steven

    Hey Brett, do the kids a favor and tell them NOT to try to throw back against their body crossfield, okay. You remember, like in those past playoff games.


  • Jen

    cornell and anyone else, you guys are a bunch of brain donors, last I checked this wasn’t mymomma.com or websters.com (thats a dictionary mfg if you cant figure it out smart one). Stop hating, enough crap is going on in the world for people to be upset over and you pick a mispelling?

    Good job brainiac.