Brett Favre Comeback is a Horrible Idea According to Twitter

A terrible, horrible, no good very bad idea

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Brett Favre Comeback is a Horrible Idea According to Twitter
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Oh Brett Favre, when did America fall out of love with you?

Was it when you left the Packers? Could we just not bear to see you in a green that wasn’t paired with yellow? Was it the “will he or won’t he” discussions that dominated ESPN and sports radio every summer for three years? Whether it’s a politician or an NFL quarterback, can we simply not tolerate a flip-flopper?

Was it the text-messages of his penis?

I’m going to vote for option B, the flip-flopping. I must include myself in the group of football fans that found themselves enamored by Favre’s gunslinging, youthful exuberance. How could you not love the excitement that Favre brings to the game (unless you’re a Bears fan, I guess).

The problem is that Favre’s cycle of retirements and comebacks have rendered him nothing but a drama queen. What once seemed like an all-encompassing love for the game, one that would not allow him to quit, now simply looks like ego. Fans have grown weary of his decision-making and lack-thereof.

Sure, he can still sling the football. But don’t you find yourself surprised anytime Favre makes a great play on the field? Shouldn’t we expect greatness from our all-time superstars?

By emerging from retirement on more than one occasion already, Brett Favre has fashioned himself as the X-Files of pro football. He refuses to just stop and be proud of what he has accomplished. Like the famous sci-fi show, his later seasons are just a shade of his earlier seasons.

That’s the argument against another comeback if you once liked the guy or still do. If you’ve always hated him, well, there’s that.

Rumors have emerged over the past few days that the Philadelphia Eagles are looking to Favre as a backup for Michael Vick. These rumors have been vehemently denied, but a curious tweet popped up from Michael Vick yesterday. It read –

I would be honored to have Brett Favre as a backup. That will be amazing Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career.

The tweet was later removed – or vanished under suspicious circumstances, who knows?

Along with the FOOTBALL BACK trend discussing the probable end to the NFL lockout, Brett Favre has enjoyed a place atop the Twitter trending topics all day. The responses to a possible comeback are not positive (to put it nicely).

#NFL Update: Faced with Possible Return of Brett Favre, Most Fans Prefer Lockout 1 day ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Just retire already Brett Favre!!! NFL stands for No Farve League. 1 hour ago via Twitter for Android · powered by @socialditto

WHY are they talking about Brett Favre on Sportscenter!? Just let it go. He’s retired. If he comes back again I’m boycotting the NFL 2 hours ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

Are we seriously talking about Brett Favre again? 46 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Brett Favre is like herpes. Neither one goes away. 11 hours ago via TweetCaster for Android · powered by @socialditto

Just got a text from Brett Favre. He is not signing with the Eagles. He’s also not wearing pants, apparently. 12 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Even Waffle House is getting into the Brett Favre mix –

Retweet this if you think Brett Favre will waffle on his retirement again. #WaffleHouse 2 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

What do you think? Would Favre make a good backup somewhere? Let us know in the comments.

Brett Favre Comeback is a Horrible Idea According to Twitter
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  • warren

    I know, your sick of hearing about BF…..he did have a HORRIBLE year in 2010….gosh, but he look awful good in 2009—did his skills go that far down in ONE YEAR or were the Vikes a little different team, was Favre hurt? So is it unreasonable to think he could play like he did in 2009? I gotta tell you, if you protect him, he can probably still do it. hope he doesnt, and I dont think the eagles could protect him anyway.

  • Mike

    If Favre wants to play and can the Hell with the opinions of the jealous losers out there that hate the thought the guy is better at the age of 37 than they will be anytime in their lives…………

  • Darryl

    We still like Brett! Everybody on earth has screwed up at some time in their life, why should Brett be an exception.
    He was the nost exciting quarterback in the NFL history, and he still could make us believe in his, and our, abilities irrespective of age.

    People who live in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones, lest they come back through your own windows. To forgive is divine. You Christians should know all about that.

  • Marc LeVine

    Brett Favre making another comeback attempt is like eating leftovers for the third night in a row – no longer fresh, boring and repetitive.

  • darren

    look people get over it favre is the best that the has been fun to watch last season yeah was bad but it wasnt just him.the oline couldnt block receivers couldnt catch or run routes. come on he has been winner on every team he been on.if oline blocks for him and receivers run right routes and could catch i gaurantee if he came back this season he would be back in playoffs the yr with jets wasnt only his fault the whole team didnt play good so hate him or not still better than rodgers ever will be Favre give us one more run as back up or starter we dont care we just want to see u make the big favre magic plays back up vick then u got two fast and deep threat receivers if he gets hurt show all the favre haters to know there role and shut there mouth

  • john

    The man loves football, so just quit retireing and keep playing some one will pick him up , can’t think of a better back up QB than Brett he is still better than most NFL QB’s in there prime….

  • Mark manera

    Look ; If the Eagles need a good quality backup QB , Brett Favre is an excellent choice ! He can play, he sells tickets, he loves the game !! The question should be , would accept the # 2 position ??

  • Mark manera

    Look ; If the Eagles need a good quality backup QB , Brett Favre is an excellent choice ! He can play, he sells tickets, he loves the game !! The question should be , would he accept the # 2 position ??
    There have been many great QB in their 40s .

  • hswain

    I feel sorry for a person who doesn’t know when to move on, and keeps making a fool of himself with his waffling about retiring. He has had a good career an should not spoil the memory with rediculous behavior.

  • william

    I hope he comes back. The people who judge him and him alone for the bad viking games suck. One person doesn’t make the team. They make it better but the rest of them also have to do their part. Twitter more or less sucks and is a big a–hole know it all.

  • Fred Cruz

    Funny how the press brought this up and people are crucifying him. All you lazyboy quarterbacks and coaches need to just shut it and keep watching on t.v. athletes who are your genetic and physical superior. To the people who call him old, I see athletes well into their 50’s who would smoke you in a sitting contest.

  • Kip Krutz

    I think Brett Favre should come out of retirement, join the Packers, and then retire a Green Bay Packer. Brett favre made the Packers Champions. Green Bay made that possible. Bury the hatchet and come home. Only then will your legacy mean something to the people of Wisconsin. Joe Montana showed his class by retiring a 49er.

  • Gary

    Piss off all you haters…..You JOSH….The media are the ones doing all the Favre talk…..let him do his thing……You act like he is the one calling espn wanting to talk…..these news reporters have nothing better to do than hound him and wait for hime to step out of his house……FAVRE is and always will be the greates QB to ever play the game—-I would love to see all you rejects go out and play 321 straight games without missing a start…..that includes the playoff homos….since your team never gets to the playoffs maybe I should refresh your memory…but I don’t have time to tell stories to people with 3rd grade iq’s…..The media can Piss off all day long…..and so can you haters….FAVRE RULES>>>>>

  • Fred Cruz

    Well said Gary!

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