Brenda Song Never Misses A Workout


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Brenda Song likes to stay in shape and doesn’t like to miss out on a workout.

Even in the midst of the 4th of July celebration, Song made sure she took a quick trip to the gym.

While a morning workout might be simple for most people, when you are a celebrity it can become a big deal pretty quickly.

Song was photographed leaving the gym wearing her workout clothes and carrying her yoga mat. The photos instantly went viral and although Song has managed to stay out of the spotlight lately, she suddenly became a trending topic and someone people became interested in again.

Song didn’t seem very happy to be photographed as she walked the sidewalk carrying her purse and a pink water bottle, but allowed the photos to be taken.

Song found success as a Disney star on the television show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, where she played a ditsy but funny rich girl who lived in a luxury hotel. She also had starring roles in many Disney movies including Get A Clue, Stuck In The Suburbs and Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.

In 2010 she ventured away from Disney and got a role in the film The Social Network . She has also had several reoccurring roles on many television shows, including ABC's Scandal and Fox's New Girl and Dads.

Song still enjoys working on films, but prefers to stay out of the media as much as possible. But like most celebrities, every now and then she gets caught by the paparazzi. Luckily for Song, she can pull off the careless gym look.

What do you think of Song's gym look and how do you think she avoids being photographed more often than she is ?

Image via Wikimedia Commons