Breememe, aka Battle of the Memetrackers

    February 18, 2006

OK, I am totally hooked on two memetrackers, memeorandum and TailRank. I can’t decide which one is better.

There are three qualities I look for in a good memetracker: diversity of sources, speed and design. TailRank wins points for finding sources and its beautiful design, but somehow it feels slow in indexing blog posts when compared to memeo.

Now I realize memetrackers are in their infancy, but there are some features I really want to see. For starters, how about including news sites that link to blogs. Second, how about indicators that illustrate if a meme is accelerating or slowing. And finally, how about a list of the words that are most associated with a meme.

I loved Scoble’s Brrreeereport test for web/blog search. Now let’s build on it with Breememe – the battle of the memetrackers! I want to count up how many links TailRank and memeorandum aggregate around this test and see how quickly they do so. So (forgive me for asking) link to this post or just mention the word Breememe (note spelling) and let’s count up the links every six hours or so on these services and the other memetrackers. Who’s gonna win Mememania I. Ready? Go!

Steve Rubel is a PR strategist with nearly 16 years of public relations, marketing, journalism and communications experience. He currently serves as a Senior Vice President with Edelman, the largest independent global PR firm.

He authors the Micro Persuasion weblog, which tracks how blogs and participatory journalism are changing the public relations practice.