Breaking Bad Musical Focuses On Making Meth


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In realm of entertainment, it's Breaking Bad's world right now. Everything else is on the tube has been relegated to second place; at least until Football Season starts. As the Internet likes to do when something popular hits, a number of mash-ups, homages, and other user-generated content blows up around the web. We've already seen the middle school musical for Breaking Bad, so what's one more, right?

While the latest Breaking Bad musical may not feature youngsters, the Antonius Nazareth/Vijay Nazareth creation delivers nonetheless. The same guys behind the hipster Disney princess smash video wisely stuck to their humorous approach instead of trying to deliver a serious musical number focusing on Walt's hardships. Instead, they gave us a funny song about making meth, complete with the Breaking Bad meth making hazard suits and a bald cap.

The result, as you can see in the lead video, is pretty great; in part because it uses the high energy music that is reminiscent of musicals from Hollywood's past.

As you might expect, it's hard to create a quality homage to something like Breaking Bad and have it be ignored. While the view count may not jump off the page when compared to the middle school musical, there are enough comments of encouragement to suggest their musical has been a success. Of course, the "what TV show should we do next" question is probably a major catalyst for that. With that in mind, it looks like we'll be seeing either a musical for BBC's Sherlock or the Big Bang Theory as the next creation from the AVbyte crew.