Brazil vs Germany Was Obscene, But Please Stop Uploading Highlights to Pornhub

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Brazil's 7-1 throttling at the hands of Germany in Tuesday night's World Cup semifinal was so brutal that many decided to compare it to an act of public humiliation, in a sexual sense.

The joke wound up hitting top porn streaming site Pornhub, as users began uploading highlights from the game. This forced Pornhub to issue a pretty hilarious response – please stop posting videos of Germany pounding Brazil, please?


The cynic in me says that Pornhub just tweeted that knowing that people would write about it because, you know, porn and sports. But, as evidenced from the screenshot above, it actually happened. Young Brazilians get f*cked by entire German Soccer Team...

Crude, but accurate. That match was too obscene, even for Pornhub.

Image via Twitter

Josh Wolford
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