Brandi Glanville Has a Subliminal Message For Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rhimes?

    May 30, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Brandi Glanville has obviously been the butt of a couple jokes in the Cibrian household.

According to Reality TV, Glanville’s ex-husband famed Sunset Beach actor Eddie Cibrian and his wife LeAnn Rhimes reportedly took some verbal jabs at the reality star. But, how does the world know, exactly? Well he footage of their comedic banter was part of a leaked clip from the couple’s new reality show set to air on VH1.

Although the video mysteriously vanished from the Internet on Wednesday, May 28, it was definitely uploaded long enough for the media to begin circulating news about it. The 3-minute clip captured the two reportedly mocking the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star. They were reportedly discussing a tabloid report about Cibrian and Glanville’s alleged $50 million divorce and took a dig at her  in the process.

Now, she’s firing back. Later that day, Glanville took to Twitter with a quick retort. “My life sounds like a reality show! :) what to do…Kill the GF or the ex BF!!! Soooooo many choices,” she tweeted.

Glanville’s fans even began chiming in. Surprisingly, a number of fans defended Glanville, referring to Cibrian as an adulterer. Needless to say, some of the comments were quite bashing. However, others were relatively encouraging.

While it hasn’t been clarified whether Glanville’s vicious tweet was a response to the infamous clip, most fans naturally assume it was. Glanville definitely has an infamous reputation for taking verbal jabs at the famous couple via social media.

At one point the subliminal hits were so frequent, a number of media outlets insisted that Glanville was obsessing over Cibrian’s new relationship with Rhimes. However, the leaked clip has only raised awareness and stirred anticipation for the Cibrians’ new reality show. The media has already begun picking the show apart via Twitter.

When asked about the clip, VH1 specified that they had never released it.

Image via Brandi Glanville, Facebook

  • Sue White

    Brandi loves the attention and constantly fans the flames. This lady isn’t the innocent mother sitting home crying over infidelity. She is a rude, crude ,promiscuous woman that enjoys sharing every intimate detail of her life without regard for her 2 young boys that will be exposed to this filth one day. At 42 years old and 6 years after the end of her marriage its time to act respectable if not for herself then for her 2 young boys. Brandi has never missed an opportunity to attack Leann & Eddie for six years but, if either Leann or Eddie open their mouth she plays the victim. If there is any doubt about who Brandi really is then listen to her interview with Howard Stern last year and realize she was on her best behavior. She has made a nice living on acting like the victim, but that is so far from the truth and the only true victims are her two young boys. Leann & Eddie have always put the children first and Brandi should be thankful that Leann loves and cares for her boys since they are with their dad 50 % of the time. Time for Brandi to grow up, shut up and move on.


    • Dawn McCarty

      wow Do you personally know Brandi or are all these insults a way to make yourself feel better.

      • sue white

        You can decide for yourself. 3 part interview . Her own words on twitter, also. She let us all know her personally way more than we should.

        • betty

          No more then Eddie and Leann. Leann puts everything on twitter including her hangnail surgery. LOL!

      • Jen

        Everyone has their own opinions. I don’t even follow her and have heard rude comments she has made about several people. You don’t have to know her!!! But what you wrote wasn’t very nice either!! Do you feel better now!!

        • Dawn McCarty

          LOL If you think anything I wrote was mean you really need to toughen up. It just cracks me up that after watching someone on T.V or reading something that they may have or may have not written you feel you are entitled to insult them. To me that makes you no better than the people you insulted because of their insulting remarks. Yes I totally agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion but does that mean I should start insulting you if I do not like what you say?

      • cactusjo23@sbcglobal.net

        don’t have to know her she puts herself out there from what i’ve seen don’t WANT to know her

    • mickey710

      After watching the Howard Stern interview, thanks to the above link, I am amazed. She is even trashier than I originally thought. Unbelievable, I did not think she could be more vile or low class, but good, old Handy Brandi never ceases to amaze on just how low and disgusting she truly is. Pathetic!

  • John

    Talk about insecure, Lisa tried to be her friend and Brandi had to make a scene stating she took advantage of her, it was just the other way around. Hopefully Brandi is taken off the show. Too bad, she could’ve been a great star.

  • berfa

    how about a reality show with these three , tori and dean and that v stiviano and call it the real pain in the butts of Beverly hills

  • disqus_gmChrtUT8G

    The real shame is for those 2 little boys they have. They will grow up to resent their dad and step mom for breaking their home. All they will see is that’s their mom. When they grow up they will know the truth and will make their own mind up. Homewreckers need to think about others and not about themselves. They think it’s a challenge when they go after a married man and they enjoy the fight with the spouse. They think it elevates them.

  • Tammy

    Well said, Sue White. People have short memories. It’s about time they replied back. She is the NASTIEST skank and her plastic surgery lips repulse me further still. CRASS as they come. And Dawn, you dumb a$$…it isn’t jealousy…these are factual. Check out anything ever said by Brandi with an “I”. YUCK!